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Release date: May 16, 2024


Please see the installation instructions.

Archivematica 1.16.0 and Storage Service 0.22.0 have been tested in the following environments:

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64-bit Server Edition
  • Rocky Linux 9 x86_64

For development purposes, most of our developers prefer to use Docker containers. These and all above environments are linked from the installation instructions above.


List jobs API endpoint returns detailed output[edit]

A detailed parameter was added to the List jobs API endpoint. When the parameter is sent in the request, the endpoint will return all the task properties returned by the Task endpoint.


PRONOM v.116[edit]

As of this Archivematica release, we are up to date to PRONOM v. 116.

GitHub issue 1653

Python versions[edit]

Archivematica 1.16 works with all the current Python supported versions: 3.8 - 3.12.

Django 4.2[edit]

Archivematica 1.16 dropped support for Django 3.2.


Update MCPClient forking model[edit]

Archivematica 1.16.0 introduces a new prefork execution model in MCPClient based on a process pool. MCPClient workers are automatically restarted to free resources and will reuse database connections when possible.

The following new settings were added to the MCPClient service:

  • ARCHIVEMATICA_MCPCLIENT_WORKERS defines the number of MCPClient workers. If undefined, it defaults to the number of CPUs available on the machine. Only client modules that define concurrent_instances will perform concurrent execution of tasks (e.g. identify_file_format).
  • ARCHIVEMATICA_MCPCLIENT_MAX_TASKS_PER_CHILD defines the maximum number of tasks a worker can execute before it's replaced by a new process in order to free resources.
  • ARCHIVEMATICA_MCPCLIENT_MCPCLIENT_PROMETHEUS_DETAILED_METRICS indicates that detailed metrics should be sent to Prometheus. With large transfers this might affect performance of the local storage in Prometheus and slow down its threads in Archivematica.

See the MCPClient Configuration page.

DIPs are cleaned from watched directories[edit]

Duracloud spaces retry chunk downloads[edit]

Thank you Carlos Mc Gregor for contributing this fix!

Partial reingest works with non-core DC properties[edit]

Improve paths handling in the Storage Service[edit]

Thank you Fco. Javier Clavero for starting this work!

Please see the 1.16.0 milestone in GitHub for all issues addressed in this release: