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[edit] Connect to shared directories

[edit] DIP upload destination

  • By default Archivematica is designed to upload access derivatives and metadata (DIPs) to ICA-AtoM
  • Archivematica can upload to other access systems by switching the upload script
    • create a copy of the script (e.g., (where located?)
    • re-write post commands to match the expected import parameters of the target system
    • change the upload script option in Archivematica (where located?)

[edit] Quarantine time

  • change the following values to increase or decrease the amount of time that files spent locked in quarantine:
    • /opt/archivematica/
    • change 'amin' value on line 24

[edit] Selecting Normalization Tools

  • Normalization tools used by are based on file extensions. It scans the NormalizationConf folder for EXTENSION.xml documents and if it doesn't find one then it uses the default normalization command. If it does find one, it reads the data inside.
    • Note: file names are capitalized in the extention and lowercase '.xml'.
    • Recomended naming convention for parents: Type and tool; ie 'IMAGES_CONVERT.xml'
    • The default normalizationConf folder is /opt/archivematica/normalizationConf/
  • If a parent is defined, it looks at the parent xml file and ignores all the other values in the current file.
  • All of the %text% are defined in the replacementDic in

[edit] Change agent name in METS.xml file (Archivematica 0.6.x)

  • The PREMIS metadata in the METS. xml includes two agents: the software (Archivematica) and an organization. To replace the generic organization information, go to /usr/lib/archivematica/MCPClient/clientScripts/ This script includes the following text:
yourAgentIdentifierType="repository code"
yourAgentName="Your Organization Name Here"
  • Change "ORG" to your repository code (eg, an acronym for you institution's name). Do not delete the quotation marks.
  • Change "Your Organization Name Here" to the name of your organization. Do not delete the quotation marks.
  • Save the file.
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