AVI to MXF using FFmpeg

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  • File used was sample_1238959806.avi, taken from http://www.filefront.com/13539232/sample.avi/
  • Used the following command to convert the file: ffmpeg -i sample_1238959806.avi -vcodec mpeg2video -qscale 1 -qmin 1 -intra -ar 48000 sample_1238959806.mxf
  • Note: FITS tools don't recognize the MXF format and only generate a small amount of generic file metadata as a result. In addition, some of the elements that are considered significant properties are not extracted by FITS for the original file. Therefore some of the metadata in these tables are taken from the FFmpeg metadata that were generated during conversion. These are indicated by FFmpeg in brackets next to the value.

File/video stream properties[edit]

Property Significant property name Original Normalized
FileSize 19,337,814 bytes 148,505,290 bytes
Streamcount imageStreams, audioStreams 2 2
FrameCount length 3013 3013
ImageWidth width 384 384
ImageHeight height 288 288
BitDepth bitDepth 24
colourSpace yuv420p yuv420p
PAR (pixel aspect ratio)/DAR (display aspect ratio) aspectRatio 1:1/4:3
FrameRate frameRate 25 per second 25 per second
lossless No No
Compression codec DivX MS-MPEG-4 Version 3 MPEG-2

Audio stream properties[edit]

Property Original Normalized
Codec MPEG 1 Audio, Layer 3 (MP3) PCM
Channels 2 2
SampleRate 48000 HZ 48000 HZ
BitDepth 16 16