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====Create your own====
====Create your own====
You can [[download]] and create your own Archivematica Live USB.
You can [http://archivematica.org/download download] and create your own Archivematica Live USB.

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Archivematica can be run as a Live USB.

  1. Shut down your PC or laptop and insert the Archivematica USB key.
  2. Make sure no other devices are plugged into your USB ports
  3. Turn on your PC and hold down the key which brings up your computer's boot menu. This is usually F12. As you computer BIOS loads it will typically notify the user (briefly) which key(s) to press to enter the boot menu.
  4. Choose the boot from USB option
  5. Give the XUbuntu desktop a few minutes to load
  6. To help you get started, look in the Docs directory on the desktop for the Archivematica workflow instructions document.
    1. These instructions are also available on the Documentation page of this wiki
    2. See the Overview page for a full description of the Archivematica system's scope and objectives
  7. IMPORTANT: To shut down Archivematica, go to the top right of the desktop and click on the Quit button (the red arrow pointing to a door). Click the 'Shut Down' button. Give XUbuntu a few minutes to shut down.
    • Do not check the Save session for future logins option. Any data you have added this session will automatically be saved on the USB key and be available on your next bootup.


There are some known limitations with using a Live USB on Macs and older PCs. If you are not able to boot the Archivematica USB key then we suggest trying the Live DVD version.

Please note also that the stability of the USB hardware and the OS interface has not been sufficiently tested for the 0.6-alpha release. Due to any number of unforeseen circumstances the bootup function may not respond at some point.

Create your own[edit]

You can download and create your own Archivematica Live USB.