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General description

During archival storage, the AIP is moved into its storage repository.

Should you run into an error during archival storage, please see Error handling.

Storing the AIP

  1. Once ingest is complete, selecting a location to "Store AIP" in the Actions drop-down menu compresses and zips the AIP and moves it into Archival storage.
  2. In the demo version of Archivematica the AIP storage directory is /sharedDirectoryStructure/www/AIPsStore/ (figure 1). In other environments it can be a remote network mounted directory.
  3. The AIP directories are broken down into UUID quad directories for efficient storage and retrieval.
  4. The Archival storage tab in the Archivematica dashboard consists of a table with information about the stored AIPs (figure 2). Use the up and down arrows in the column headers to sort by AIP name, size, UUID or date. Note that at the bottom of the Size column is the total size of the stored AIPs.
  5. To open a copy of the AIP, click on the AIP name. You can then open or download the zipped AIP.
  6. To search the AIP index, use the search bar at the top of the screen.
    • The index includes the AIP contents and metadata.
    • Search results show AIPs and AIP parts with their UUIDs and the ability to click on the raw AIP and view it in another screen. (figure 3)
  7. More information on Archivematica's AIP structure and the METS/PREMIS file is available on the Archivematica wiki: see AIP structure and METS.
Figure 2 Archival storage tab showing stored AIPs
Figure 3 AIP storage search results

Upload DIP

For information on uploading the DIP, go to Access.