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  • Once ingest is complete, selecting "Store AIP" in the Actions drop-down menu zips the AIP and moves it into Archival storage.
    Figure 1 AIPs stored in the default AIPsStore directory in quad-UUIDs.
  • In the demo version of Archivematica the AIP storage directory is /sharedDirectoryStructure/www/AIPsStore/ (figure 1). In other environments it can be a remote network mounted directory.
  • The directory structure of the AIP store contains UUID quad directories.
  • Once the AIP has been stored, a copy of the AIP is extracted from storage to a local temp directory, and is validated with the various BagIt checks: verifyvalid, checkpayloadoxum, verifycomplete, verifypayloadmanifests, verifytagmanifests.
  • The Archival storage tab in Archivematica shows the stored AIPs
    Figure 2 The Archival storage tab showing the stored AIPs.