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  1. After normalization is approved, the SIP is run through a number of micro-services, including processing of the submission documentation, generation of the METS file, generation of the DIP and packaging of the AIP.
  2. When these micro-services are complete, the user has two approval steps remaining in the dashboard: upload DIP and store AIP.
    Figure 16 Moving the AIP into archival storage.
  3. If desired, open the file browser, navigate to the Store AIP directory using the shortcuts in the left-hand panel, and review the contents of the AIP. More information on Archivematica's AIP structure and the METS/PREMIS file is available on the Archivematica wiki: see AIP structure and METS.
  4. Select "Store AIP" to move the AIP into archival storage (figure 16).
  5. For information on viewing and managing stored AIPs go to Archival storage