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Main Page > Requirements > OAIS Use Cases > UC-6 Access > UC-6.8 Deliver DIP to Consumer

UC-6.8 Deliver DIP to Consumer




Deliver DIP to Consumer


UC-6 Access

Sub-Use Cases


  • Deliver Response receives DIP from Co-ordinate Access Activities and sends DIP to Consumer and provides billing information to Administration>Customer Service
  • Delivery to Consumer can result from an ad-hoc request initiated by Consumer, or from an event based request initiated by Administration>Activate Requests
  • Deliver Response
  • Co-ordinate Access Activities
  • Consumer
  • Administration>Customer Service

UC-6.2 Co-ordinate Consumer Dissemination Request


UC-6.2, step 7: Co-ordinate Access Activities sends DIP to Deliver Response

Successful outcome
  • Consumer receives DIP; and,
  • Confirmation of shipped order is sent to Co-ordinate Access Activities and billing information is sent to Administration>Customer Service
  1. Deliver Response receives DIP from Co-ordinate Access Activities OAIS s, p 4-16; OAIS Figure 4-7: Functions of Access)
  2. Deliver Response identifies recipient (OAIS s, p 4-16)
  3. Deliver Response determines deliver method: on-line or off-line (OAIS s, p 4-16)
  4. Deliver Response sends DIP to Consumer via on-line transmission procedure (OAIS s, p 4-16; OAIS Figure 4-7: Functions of Access)
  5. Deliver Response prepares information response for off-line shipping(OAIS s, p 4-16)
  6. Deliver Response sends DIP to Consumer via off-line transmission method(OAIS s, p 4-16; OAIS Figure 4-7: Functions of Access)
  7. Deliver Response sends notice of shipped order to Co-ordinate Access Activities(OAIS s, p 4-16; OAIS Figure 4-7: Functions of Access)
  8. Deliver Response sends billing notice to Administration>Customer Service (OAIS s, p 4-16; OAIS Figure F-1: Composite of Functional Entities)
  • No billing required
  • On-line transmission not required (ignore step 4)
  • Off-line shipping not required (ignore step 5, 6)

OAIS, p 4-16

"The Deliver Response function handles both on-line and off-line deliveries of responses (DIPs, result sets, reports and assistance) to Consumers. For on-line delivery, it accepts a response from Coordinate Access Activities and prepares it for on-line distribution in real time via communication links. It identifies the intended recipient, determines the transmission procedure requested, places the response in the staging area to be transmitted, and supports the on-line transmission of the response. For off-line delivery it retrieves the response from the Coordinate Access Activities function, prepares packing lists and other shipping records, and then ships the response. When the response has been shipped, a notice of shipped order is returned to the Coordinate Access Activities function and billing information is submitted to Administration."


Contrary to the OAIS model, it seems to me (GD)more logical that the billing notice would be sent from Co-ordinate Access Activities (which is, after all, responsible for coordinating these activities rather than Deliver Response). Also, billing is often conducted before orders are processed.