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UC-6.5 Co-ordinate Administration Dissemination Request[edit]




Co-ordinate Administration Dissemination Request


UC-6 Access

Sub-Use Cases



Co-ordinate Access Activities receives a request from Administration>Activate Requests to provide a DIP for a Consumer based on an event based order, and sends the dissemination request to Generate DIP.

  • Co-ordinate Access Activities
  • Administration>Activate Requests
  • Generate DIP
  • Deliver Response

[Yet undefined] Administration use case for Activate Requests


[UC-5.?, step ? Activate Requests sends a dissemination request to Co-ordinate Access Activities]

Successful outcome

Co-ordinate Access Activities sends DIP to Deliver Response

  1. Co-ordinate Access Activities receives a dissemination request from Administration>Activate Requests(OAIS s, p 4-15; OAIS Figure F-1: Composite of Functional Entities)
  2. Co-ordinate Access Activities evaluates resources available to respond to request (OAIS s, p 4-15)
  3. Co-ordinate Access Activities evaluates Consumer's authorization to access requested information (OAIS s, p 4-15)
  4. Co-ordinate Access Activities sends dissemination request to Generate DIP (OAIS s, p 4-15; OAIS Figure F-1: Composite of Functional Entities)
  5. Co-ordinate Access Activities receives DIP from Generate DIP (OAIS s, p 4-15; OAIS Figure F-1: Composite of Functional Entities)
  6. Co-ordinate Access Activities sends DIP to Deliver Response (OAIS s, p 4-15; OAIS Figure F-1: Composite of Functional Entities)

OAIS s, p 4-15

The Coordinate Access Activities function provides a single user interface to the information holdings of the archive. This interface will normally be via computer network or dial-up link to an on-line service, but might also be implemented in the form of a walk-in facility, printed catalog ordering service, or fax-back type service. Three categories of Consumer requests are distinguished…: query requests…; report requests…; and orders, which may access either or both Data Management and Archival Storage to prepare a formal Dissemination Information Package (DIP) for on- or off-line delivery. An order may be … an Event Based Order that will be maintained by the Activate Requests function in Administration, and initiated by a dissemination request that may result in periodic deliveries of requested items…. This function will determine if resources are available to perform a request, assure that the user is authorized to access and receive the requested items, and notify the Consumer that a request has been accepted or rejected (possibly with an estimate of request cost and an option to cancel the request). It will then transfer the request to Data Management or to the Generate DIP function for execution….

  • Does user authorization (step 3) need to take place here, or does it happen as part of the process of registering event based orders with Administration>Activate Requests?
  • Orders referred to in this sub-use case are Event Based Orders as described on OAIS page 2-10 (section 2.3.3). Adhoc Orders are addressed by use cases UC-6.1 and UC-6.2