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UC-1.2 Quality Assurance and Response[edit]

Number UC-1.2
Name Quality Assurance
Context UC-1 Ingest
Sub-Use Cases none
Overview Quality Assurance conducts integrity checks to validate that the SIP has not been altered during transfer to Receive Submission, and Receive Submission sends either a confirmation of receipt or a request to resubmit to Producer, and Receive Submission transmits SIP to Generate AIP.
  • Generate AIP
  • Producer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Receive Submission
Trigger Receive Submission sends SIP to Quality Assurance (Step 3 of UC-1.1)
Successful outcome Receive Submission transmits SIP to Generate AIP
  1. Quality Assurance receives SIP from Receive Submission (OAIS Figure 4-2:Functions of Ingest Page 4-5)
  2. Quality Assurance validates the transfer of the SIP to Receive Submission (OAIS Page 4-5)
  3. Quality Assurance sends QA results to Receive Submission (OAIS Page 4-5)
  4. Receive Submission receives QA results from Quality Assurance (OAIS Figure 4-2:Functions of Ingest Page 4-5)
  5. Receive Submission sends response to Producer: either confirmation of receipt or request to resubmit (OAIS Page 4-5)
  6. When SIP received successfully, Receive Submission transmits SIP to Generate AIP (OAIS Page 4-5)

Exceptions Pre-transfer and post-transfer SIPs are not identical
  • Receive Submission sends a request to Producer (or Administration>Archival Information Update) to resubmit SIP
  • Start again at UC-1.1, repeat until SIP received successfully
Citations OAIS
  • Page 4-5, Section "The Receive Submission function provides the appropriate storage capability or devices to receive a SIP from the Producer (or from Administration). Digital SIPs may be delivered via electronic transfer (e.g., FTP), loaded from media submitted to the archive, or simply mounted (e.g., CD-ROM) on the archive file system for access. ... The Receive Submission function may represent a legal transfer of custody for the Content Information in the SIP, and may require that special access controls be placed on the contents. This function provides a confirmation of receipt of a SIP to the Producer, which may include a request to resubmit a SIP in the case of errors resulting from the SIP submission."
  • Page 4-5, Section "The Quality Assurance function validates (QA results) the successful transfer of the SIP to the staging area. For digital submissions, these mechanisms might include Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRCs) or checksums associated with each data file, or the use of system log files to record and identify any file transfer or media read/write errors."