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Release 1.0

Transfer Backlog Management

  • Related issues: Issue 951, Issue 1220, Issue 1141, Issue 1225, Issue 1257

Requirements for transfer backlog search

  • Add ability to search transfer backlog and send one or more transfers to Ingest
  • Add ability to download and/or view files/transfers (via right click)
  • Search the following fields: Any field, transfer name, file name, accession number, PUID, Mimetype, Date - Ingest

Mockup of transfer backlog search

1.0 TransferBacklogSearch.png
1.0 TransBacklogSearchResults.png

Transfer Workflow

  • Administration - allow MCP access to media or storage where transfer is located
  • Assign accession number to transfer
  • Remove transfer backup from workflow - no long processing configuration option
  • Add Send transfer to backlog microservice
  • Add Search transfer backlog tab from Ingest in Dashboard
  • Add ability to download and/or view transfers and files from Search tab
  • Add ability to send transfers from backlog search to Ingest/Create SIP (checkboxes, send button)
  • see workflow diagrams below

0.9 Transfer workflow

  • grey steps are automated, white are manual


Administration Tab in Dashboard

  • Assign permission and access to the MCPServer to copy from transfer media (hard drives, optical media, USB, etc.) or network location.
  • Assign transfer backlog locations (configuration is done outside of AM)
  • Assign source directories
  • Define transfer types
  • Assign report locations (post-1.0)
  • Set AIP storage location
  • Set DIP upload location

Accession metadata

  • PREMIS Event = Assign accession number
             <linkingAgentIdentifierValue>Courtney Mumma</linkingAgentIdentifierValue>
  • Manually input metadata in template on dashboard (See File_Browser_Requirements) : accession number
  • Agent is the archivist logged in at the time doing the accession (post-1.0, for 1.0 this will still be repository)
  • Event name is "Assign accession number" (to be added to PREMIS events master list should we decide to implement)
  • UUID
  • Also see Issue 787 on the Archivematica issues list

Microservices Completed Before Move to Backlog

Handling of Submission Documentation

  • TAPER?
  • Normalized with objects in AIP (0.8)
  • Upload submission documentation with transfer in transfer tab - Issue 1255