Transfer and SIP creation

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Use Cases

  • Generic (i.e. unstructured)
  • Bag
  • TRIM export
  • Dspace exports

Workflow (Generic Transfer)

In these workflow diagrams, the white ovals are manual steps and the grey ovals are automated steps.

Transfer and create SIPs



  • keyword & pattern matching for privacy/security sensitive information (e.g. social insurance numbers, credit card numbers, 'private', 'confidential')
  • list of PDFs that have not been OCR'ed

file visualizations

  • (sub)directory size
  • Should we move file format identification forward in the pipeline? To offer visualizations on:
    • file extension
    • (from FITS report): DROID identification, JHOVE identification, EXIF identification, etc

Ingest SIPs


Dashboard design

Dashboard showing list of transfers


Click the metadata icon to add transfer metadata


Enter transfer metadata and click "Save"


Transfer is finished after a virus scan shows no viruses


Create SIPs using file manager

In this mockup, the user has completed a transfer, has created SIP folders in ingestSIP and is preparing to move objects from the completed transfer into the SIP folders.