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* Bag
* Bag
* TRIM export
* TRIM export
* Dspace exports
* [[Dspace exports]]
= Workflow (Generic Transfer) =
= Workflow (Generic Transfer) =

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Use Cases

Workflow (Generic Transfer)

In these workflow diagrams, the white ovals are manual steps and the grey ovals are automated steps.

Transfer and create SIPs



  • keyword & pattern matching for privacy/security sensitive information (e.g. social insurance numbers, credit card numbers, 'private', 'confidential')
  • list of PDFs that have not been OCR'ed

Ingest SIPs


Dashboard design

Dashboard showing list of transfers


Click the metadata icon to add transfer metadata


Add transfer metadata


A completed transfer


File visualization reporting page


Create SIPs using file manager

In this mockup, the user has completed a transfer, has created SIP folders in ingestSIP and is preparing to move objects from the completed transfer into the SIP folders.


Add Dublin Core metadata to a SIP during ingest

  • All fields are simple Dublin Core except for Relation: Is Part Of, which is designed to upload the SIP to a pre-existing archival description in the access system.
  • Multi-value entries are separated by a backward slash: \.

The dashboard showing a SIP that has completed the ingest process