Tests: Appraise SIP for submission

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User should be able to open a SIP, review its contents and delete files if desired. User should be able to approve the SIP via the dashboard and the SIP should move into the next stage of processing.

  • SIP appears in dashboard with a bell icon and a description that reads: "Check the SIP to make sure it conforms to your Submission Agreement. Delete any files not accepted for ingest."
  • User can open the SIP by clicking Browse in the dashboard.
  • User can delete files.
  • User can reject SIP by clicking Reject in the dashboard. Rejected SIP is automatically sent to "Rejected" folder
  • User can accept SIP by clicking Approve in the dashboard.
  • A text file named removedFilesAppraiseSIPForSubmission.log appears in the logs directory of the SIP. This file lists all deleted files. If no files were deleted, no such text file appears.