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Page for requirements gathering for integration of Media Conch in Archivematica.

Use cases

MKV conformance checking



User Story: As a digital preservationist, I need to verify that the preservation copies that Archivematica has created through normalization are in conformance with the FFV1 specification so that I know I am placing preservation copies in storage which are reliable.


1. In the Archivematica FPR, a new command will be written under Verfication to run Mediaconch.

Possible command:

 mediaconch -mc -iv 4 -fx nameOfFile.mkv 

Where iv defines the verbosity of the output and -fx prints the output in xml. Note that presently MediaConch has the same verbosity for anything under 5. More granularity of verbosity will be available later in the development project.

Outcome of above:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MediaConch xmlns="" version="0.1">
  <media ref="testFiles/MakeUp-029f3287-4f5d-4399-8330-8b31f2b749c8.mkv">
      <name>MediaConch EBML Implementation Checker</name>
      <name>MediaConch FFV1 Implementation Checker</name>
      <check icid="FFV1-VALID-VERSION-VALUE" version="1">
        <context field="Valid Values" value="1 3"/>
        <test outcome="pass">
          <value offset="@offset" name="FFV1 version"/>
      <check icid="FFV1-VALID-CODERTYPE-VALUE" version="1">
        <context field="Valid Values" value="0 1 2"/>
        <test outcome="pass">
          <value offset="@offset" name="FFV1 coder type"/>
      <check icid="FFV1-VALID-COLORSPACETYPE-VALUE" version="1">
        <context field="Valid Values" value="0 1"/>
        <test outcome="pass">
          <value offset="@offset" name="FFV1 colorspace type"/>

2. In the Archivematica FPR, a rule is written for verification to run the above command when an mkv file has been created for preservation or access.

3. A new job in the Normalization micro-service runs the command (must be before Job: Move to approve normalization directory). If the outcome of any of the checks is fail, the job fails and indicates failure by colour. The normalization micro-service should proceed to the Approval step. Failures could also be indicated in the Approve normalization report.

4. Archivematica writes a PREMIS event in the METS to record the outcomes of verification (event type: format validation? wellformedness check?)


Post norm checker.png


Normalization report:

Mkv conformance checking report.png

Only files from fileGrp use="Preservation" which have a creation event are listed. Clicking on "Passed" or "Failed" will show MediaConch output. N/A is for file formats which do not have a verification rule, for example:

No verification rule found for .wav!


<mets:digiprovMD ID="digiprovMD_428512" CREATED="2016-04-05T18:55:56">
      <mets:mdWrap MDTYPE="PREMIS:EVENT">
          <premis:event xmlns:premis="info:lc/xmlns/premis-v2" xsi:schemaLocation="info:lc/xmlns/premis-v2" version="2.2">
            <premis:eventDetail>program="MediaConch"; version="16.03"</premis:eventDetail>
                <premis:eventOutcomeDetailNote>version="1" outcome="pass"; coder type="1" outcome="pass"; colorspace="1" outcome="pass"</premis:eventOutcomeDetailNote>
              <premis:linkingAgentIdentifierType>Archivematica user pk</premis:linkingAgentIdentifierType>
              <premis:linkingAgentIdentifierType>preservation system</premis:linkingAgentIdentifierType>
              <premis:linkingAgentIdentifierType>repository code</premis:linkingAgentIdentifierType>
              <premis:linkingAgentIdentifierValue>Example Repository</premis:linkingAgentIdentifierValue>

Quicktime MOV conformance checking