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* [[Transfer_and_SIP_creation]]
* [[Transfer_and_SIP_creation]]
* [[Database Data Management]]
* [[Database Data Management]]
[[Category:Development documentation]]

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The Archivematica UML Activity Diagrams are the baseline requirements for the system's default micro-services workflow. These were derived from an in-depth analysis of the ISO-OAIS functions which led to a series of OAIS Use Cases and OAIS Activity Diagrams.

Each Archivematica software release builds on the OAIS use cases and implements a growing set of media type preservation plans. These are based on an analysis of open standards, open source normalization tools and the significant characteristics of specific media types.

End-user requirements are derived from Archivematica pilot implementation projects and the project's discussion list. They are documented in the development roadmap and issues list.

--Requirements pages--

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