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== Template ==
== Template ==
* [[Release_Notes_template|Release Notes template]]
* [[Major_release_notes|Template for major releases]]
* [[Minor_release_notes|Template for minor releases]]

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Release notes are prepared by Artefactual for each release of Archivematica. Most releases also have a corresponding release of the Storage System, and may also include corresponding releases for various dependencies and libraries (i.e. FIDO, Automation Tools) - be sure to check the release notes for more information.

Features, enhancements, and bug fixes are often sponsored by members of the Archivematica community who are dedicated to funding Archivematica's ongoing development and maintenance. Code contributors are individuals who write Archivematica code and contribute it back to the project. Archivematica couldn't continue to grow without sponsors and contributors - thank you!

Questions about a release or the release notes? Ask on the Archivematica Google Group!

Archivematica 1.x releases

Archivematica 0.x releases


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