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PLEASE NOTE: detailed Release 0.3.5 documentation will be added shortly. In the meanwhile, the following workflow diagram illustrates the steps required to ingest, store and provide access to digital objects in Archivematica 0.3.5:

The system documentation for release 0.3.5 corresponds directly to each numbered activity in the Archivematica UML Activity Diagrams. The documentation provides instructions on how these activities might be carried out using the current Archivematica release.

Wherever possible, these activities are assigned to software or technical tools. If it is not possible to automate these functions in the current system iteration, the functions are incorporated into a manual procedure to be carried out by the end user. This ensures that the entire set of requirements are being carried out in the system, which is an integrated whole of software, people and procedures. The goal is to add more detailed requirements along with increasing integration and functionality of the software components with each system iteration.

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