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When you first install Archivematica 0.10-beta, you will be asked to register repository information (figure 1) in order to set your PREMIS agent and to get updates to the Format Policy Registry (FPR) from the server (figure 2)

  • Have your preferred organization name and identifier ready, which will be your PREMIS agent and PREMIS agent identifier. You can make changes to the PREMIS agent later in the Administration tab of the dashboard.
  • Select a username for your first administrative user. This user is also a PREMIS agent. You can make changes to this user later in the Administration tab of the dashboard.
  • Enter first name, last name, e-mail (this is used by the system to send error reports in some configurations) and password.
Figure 1 Register and sign in

Figure 2 Format policy registry update
  • To begin processing digital objects, proceed to the Transfer section of the user manual.