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[[Documentation]] > [[Requirements]] > Processing report requirements
[[Documentation]] > [[Requirements]] > Processing report requirements
[[Category:Feature requirements]]
== Requirements ==
== Requirements ==
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[[Category:Development documentation]]

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Documentation > Requirements > Processing report requirements


  • Related issues: Issue 1274
  • email report with print and download option that allows for elegant printing and saving
  • user can select email address(es) in administration tab to receive report
  • configurable via the processingMCP.xml file for each transfer
  • list all micro-services (pass/fail indicated) but only expand tasks and jobs for fails
  • all failures are reported whether they stall processing or not, but report indicates whether they stopped processing or not (see mockup)
  • [optional] tasks and reports are expandable, allowing for a summary report and a more extensive report, printable either way

Use Cases

Some Archivematica users will configure their system to process from end to end without stopping. These users will wish to view a processing report showing passes and failures during processing, with the option of seeing details about any error(s). They may also wish to print or save their reports for local statistical reporting.



The following mockup shows the first two pages of a multi-page processing report. Note that predominantly errors are shown in order to illustrate the expansion function; however, all micro-services completed must be listed as "completed successfully" or "failed".