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This page is no longer being maintained and may contain inaccurate information. Please see the Archivematica documentation for up-to-date information.


See related issues:

  • #6257

Add OCR text files to DIP and AIP[edit]

  • Add open-source OCR tool to Archivematica
    • Tesseract is the most actively developed; other open-source OCR is either moribund (Cuneiform, OCRopus) or released only sporadically without major improvements (OCRad, gOCR).
    • The actively-developed options are:
      • Tesseract - Very actively developed. Best accuracy of all the open-source options, good speed.
      • OCRad - Moderate-to-poor accuracy, excellent speed.
      • gOCR - Poor accuracy, slow speed.
    • Tesseract appears to be the best solution in most cases. If speed was paramount and mediocre or poor accuracy would be acceptable, there might be an argument to use OCRad.
  • Add micro-service to OCR files in DIP (post-normalization)
    • Micro-service: Transcription
    • User choice Yes/No (default NO)
  • Add FPR purpose - Transcription - OCR first and only tool in that section
  • Add OCR files to DIP in "[DIP]/OCRfiles" directory
  • Run OCR on originals or preservation copies??
  • Add OCR files to AIP in "AIP/data/objects/metadata/OCRfiles"


<fileGrp USE="text/ocr">
     <file GROUPID="Group-67f7e276-0dd9-4b09-bb30-3589f3f3900e" ID="file-67f7e276-0dd9-4b09-bb30-3589f3f3900e">
       <FLocat xlink:href="objects/jp2/25080603-b3ffc8c4-0db9-454d-8fb6-eb01e0c1b07f.txt" LOCTYPE="OTHER" OTHERLOCTYPE="SYSTEM"/>
     <file GROUPID="Group-5e8d85a8-802c-413c-a198-7e45466dfb04" ID="file-5e8d85a8-802c-413c-a198-7e45466dfb04">
       <FLocat xlink:href="objects/pdf/Glass_Hall-acffd9c8-f048-45d6-9ef5-10ca8a9d28ac.txt" LOCTYPE="OTHER" OTHERLOCTYPE="SYSTEM"/>
     <file GROUPID="Group-dfb298bc-aa31-4054-918c-ba84e349e2fa" ID="file-dfb298bc-aa31-4054-918c-ba84e349e2fa">
       <FLocat xlink:href="objects/tif/43845161-5cc7ad6e-28bd-493f-a0fb-9ad13dccfe43.txt" LOCTYPE="OTHER" OTHERLOCTYPE="SYSTEM"/>
  • Add configuration setting to administrative tab of the dashboard to pre-select OCR options