OAIS Activity Diagrams

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Main Page > Requirements > OAIS Activity Diagrams

OAIS (UML) Activity Diagrams

These diagrams are an interpretation of the OAIS Use Cases to the UML Activity Diagram format. They focus on the practical steps required to accomplish each use case. Where possible, the activity references the use case number from which it is derived.

Each activity is likely to generate some metadata and have one or more information entities as an input and output. However, these will be captured in a seperate metadata requirement analysis and information model. Likewise, each activity may be governed or restricted by one or more policy or procedures but these are also intentionally left out of the diagram for clarity. Except where they are explicitly noted, these diagrams assume that there no errors in the activity flow, i.e. these are 'sunny-day' scenarios.


  • AD1 Receive SIP (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD2 Generate AIP (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD3 Prepare AIP for Storage (PDF) (ODG) v1

Archival Storage

Data Management

  • AD6 Update Database (PDF) (ODG)v1
  • AD7 Query Database (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD8 Administer Database (PDF) (ODG) v1


  • AD9 Coordinate Information Request (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD10 Coordinate DIP Request (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD11 Coordinate Assistance Request (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD12 Coordinate Migration Request (PDF) (ODG) 1
  • AD13 Generate DIP (PDF) (ODG) v1


  • AD14 Negotiate Submisssion Agreement (PDF) (ODG) v2
  • AD15 Manage System Configuration (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD16 Update Archival Information (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD17 Control Physical Access (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD18 Establish Standards and Policies (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD19 Activate Requests (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD20 Administer Customer Service (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD21 Audit SIP Submission (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD22 Audit AIP Submission (PDF) (ODG) v1

Preservation Planning

  • AD23 Monitor Designated Community (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD24 Monitor Technology (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD25 Prototyping (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD26 Develop Preservation Strategies (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD27 Develop Preservation Standards (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD28 Profile External Data Standards(PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD29 Develop Migration Plans (PDF) (ODG) v1
  • AD30 Update Package Designs(PDF) (ODG) v1