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This page documents the workflow and METS content for lower-level metadata import - i.e. metadata to be attached to subdirectories and files within a SIP.


  1. For compound objects, the user creates one or more subdirectory in the objects directory, each containing the items that form a compound object.
  2. The user adds a csv file to the metadata folder for the transfer entitled metadata.csv
    • The first row of the csv file consists of field names
    • Dublin Core field names must contain the "dc" element in the name, eg "dc.title"
    • Each subsequent row contains the complete set of field values for a single directory or file
    • If the metadata are for compound objects, the csv file must contain a "parts" column listing the names of the directories containing the items that form the compound object
  3. At the generate METS micro-service, Archivematica parses the metadata in metadata.csv to the METS file, as follows:
    • All Dublin Core elements are used to generate a dmdSec for each directory or file with MDTYPE="DC"
    • All non-Dublin Core elements are used to generate a dmdSec for each directory or file with MDTYPE="OTHER" OTHERMDTYPE="CUSTOM"
    • The dmdSecs are linked to their directories or files in the structMap

Simple objects

This section provides csv file and METS file examples for simple objects - i.e. individual files that are not items in a compound object such as a book or a newspaper issue.

CSV file