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Artefactual Systems, Internal Archivematica Dev Mtg, 2013-12-04


[edit] Development

  • Holly updated the manual rebuild of Elasticsearch for package changes, and to work with AICs. #6034/#5898
  • Holly made Archivematica delete 'unneeded files' like Thumbs.db early in processing. #6020
  • Holly added the ability to delete AIPs from the SS. #5872
  • Holly did a rough implementation of NFS automounting. #5257
  • Holly investigated all the weird characters and encodings and how to handle them in the SS. #6067
  • Misty submitted AccessData AD1 to PRONOM using the Yale samples and having done a little poking into the files' structure. #5836
  • Misty also spent some time looking at #6067 after Justin's initial report.
  • Misty has also been working on rebasing the transfer metadata UI onto the Archivematica 1.0 branch, with the UI changes requested by courtney. #5900
  • Mike C reworked SWORD server to create new SWORD space per daahboard (issue #5980).
  • Mike C fixed 2 issues with the Archivist Toolkit DIP matcher (issue #6069 and #6070).

[edit] Documentation

  • Courtney screenshootin' the Storage Service for the Admin Man

[edit] Deployment

  • archivematica 1.0 is working at columbia, harvard, ubc, rockefeller (testing there still)

[edit] To Do

  • Justin is meeting with City of Vancouver Archives tomorrow to plan 1.0 upgrade there
  • UBC is wanting to test DIP Upload from archivematica 1.0 to atom 1.3.1 that is #6075

[edit] Community/Outreach

  • Courtney is chairing a session at ACA, in addition to our workshop
  • Courtney going to London next week to speak with Tate, British Library, Kings College London, Arkivum, and as a featured guest of the DPC MEET THE TECHIES event
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