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Archivematica meeting February 06, 2013


  • peterVG release numbering change 1.0 -> 0.10-beta; 1.1 -> 1.0
  • courtneyM went through roadmap and evaluated related issue status, sent email to archivematica group
  • berwin22 added gitproperties to help with versioning. It can replace $Id: $ with the sha5 of the commit.
  • Evelyn changed to "won't fix" as it's not longer required by the institution.
  • mcantelon: Mike C spent time looking into browser memory use monitoring and has been working on an implementation of dashboard grip paging that won't gobble memory.
  • epmclellan added new issue, hoping to get it into .10:
  • epmclellan create data entry template to allow user to editprocessing config settings
  • berwin22 archivematica file identification now also includes tool version for most tools, including droid.
  • mcantelon to have meeting to discuss his .10 schedule.


  • David to schedule a meeting about handling client data.
  • Courtney to ALL: please include breadcrumbs when creating a new wiki page.


  • berwin22 to get an estimate on our release schedule.
  • Austin UBC ran into some issues with linking and is waiting to hear from IT.


  • Austin doing maildir testing - scalability testing
  • Justin using collectd ( on ARTi's scalability testing.