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Artefactual Systems, Internal Archivematica Dev Mtg, 2012-09-05


  • Austin + Evelyn were in the process of releasing (0.9) but she discovered that dev had a issue or two that was missed. After discussion, it was decided to release as is, and work on creating a headless vm to bypass the problem.


  • Torrent available: [Install-0.9-beta]


  • Evelyn, Austin, and Courtney worked on package testing


chat log

(10:37:32 AM) courtney: who's note-taking?
(10:37:44 AM) berwin221: I commited some stuff for 0.9.1 after the 0.9 release was tagged, but sounds like there may be some issues with the 0.9 tag? I can revert my changes if I need to. 
(10:37:47 AM) berwin221: I can take notes
(10:38:04 AM) courtney: thanks berwin221
(10:38:11 AM) courtney: can someone update me on release?
(10:38:27 AM) ARTi: morning *
(10:38:46 AM) courtney: morning ARTi
(10:39:23 AM) ARTi: me  + evelyn were in the process of releasing but she discovered that dev had a issue or two that was missed
(10:39:42 AM) mcantelon: ARTi: What were the issues?
(10:40:07 AM) ARTi: Sevein has a better idea about the indexing
(10:40:29 AM) Sevein: yeah, one of the issues is a ICA-AtoM 1.3 problem, I still have to file an issue
(10:40:43 AM) ARTi: ubuntu was/is having this strange issue where if you hit 'return/enter'  x11 would reset
(10:40:51 AM) mcantelon: ARTi: Eek!
(10:41:14 AM) ARTi: after happening once or twice depending on the speed of the VM, the VM functions as expected
(10:41:17 AM) djjuhasz: It looks like it's released?
(10:41:26 AM) djjuhasz: At least on the wiki
(10:41:44 AM) mcantelon: Stealth release haha.
(10:41:54 AM) Sevein: courtney: the only pending issue is the announcement AFAIK
(10:42:03 AM) courtney: yeah, i can do that from here
(10:42:19 AM) Sevein: after that, a 0.9.1 may be necessary
(10:42:20 AM) courtney: i feel like i've had some contradicting emails
(10:42:36 AM) Sevein: and considering that we are using ubuntu packages right now, that should be a smooth update for all the current 0.9 users
(10:42:43 AM) courtney: should i mention the 0.9.1 issues that will be fixed in the release email
(10:42:43 AM) courtney: ?
(10:43:03 AM) Sevein: mmmm... I don't know
(10:43:09 AM) djjuhasz: courtney: I would strongly suggest never promising what is coming in future released
(10:43:13 AM) mcantelon: +1
(10:43:17 AM) courtney: okey doke
(10:43:20 AM) djjuhasz: priorities  change
(10:43:30 AM) mcantelon: Under-promise over-deliver ftw.
(10:43:45 AM) Sevein: courtney: I would not do any comment on these issues
(10:43:46 AM) ARTi: wisdom^
(10:43:50 AM) berwin221: RE: "(10:42:43 AM) courtney: should i mention the 0.9.1 issues that will be fixed in the release email" ... I think 0.9 -> 0.9.1 will require a re-install 
(10:43:52 AM) courtney: preach
(10:44:02 AM) Sevein: courtney: not in the release announcement I meant
(10:44:10 AM) mcantelon: berwin221: Good point.
(10:44:20 AM) courtney: berwin221 so you don't think we can do what Sevein is saying?
(10:44:27 AM) Sevein: why re-install? can't they just apt-get upgrade?
(10:44:29 AM) djjuhasz: So are there any issues still blocking release, I'm still confused?
(10:44:30 AM) ARTi: yeah, we never announced 0.9
(10:44:36 AM) courtney: djjuhasz:  me too
(10:44:38 AM) djjuhasz: Let's not get on to a 0.9.1 discussion please
(10:44:38 AM) Sevein: djjuhasz: no
(10:44:45 AM) djjuhasz: we'll get there when we get there
(10:44:53 AM) ARTi: Sevein: yeah it works
(10:44:54 AM) courtney: djjuhasz: ok, i'm announcing after meeting
(10:45:03 AM) ARTi: may need todo dpkg-reconfigure for db changes
(10:45:08 AM) djjuhasz: ARTi: berwin221: consensus on the no blocking issues?
(10:45:26 AM) Sevein: Evelyn already decided that they are no blocking issues.
(10:45:31 AM) Sevein: You can read her e-mails.
(10:45:33 AM) djjuhasz: okay, great
(10:45:35 AM) Sevein: :P
(10:45:37 AM) mcantelon: Yup.
(10:45:47 AM) courtney: cool
(10:45:52 AM) djjuhasz: It sounds to me from ^ that ARTi thought there were issues outstanding
(10:45:57 AM) djjuhasz: the "enter" key think
(10:46:00 AM) djjuhasz: g
(10:46:22 AM) ARTi: yeah, she didn't think the indexing issue was big.. but I felt kinda dirty with the ubuntu issue yet
(10:46:43 AM) courtney: peter's last email mentioned something about releasing "headless"?
(10:47:02 AM) courtney: headless VM with detailed docs
(10:47:13 AM) ARTi: would be great to do the release as headless, 
(10:47:33 AM) mcantelon: Haha
(10:47:35 AM) ARTi: yeah just need the transfer details.. I think more sftp/filezilla docs would help
(10:47:37 AM) mcantelon: Only thing with headless is we didn't get the SIP arrangement stuff in there so users still need some way to do that.
(10:47:39 AM) courtney: ARTi: that was peter's last word at 9am today
(10:47:53 AM) courtney: mcantelon: nobody's doing that yet, anyway
(10:48:01 AM) courtney: mcantelon: most are running in trial environments
(10:48:08 AM) mcantelon: Ah, okay.
(10:48:39 AM) courtney: here is what peter said:
(10:48:42 AM) courtney: I think going the headless VM route (with detailed docs) might be our  best option since we've nearly moved all functionality to Dashboard in  0.9 and it moves us away from having to test and troubleshoot funky  Ubuntu desktop VM issues. However, I am assuming for 0.9 that would  still involve including CLI instructions for moving files into Transfer  directories?
(10:48:57 AM) courtney: ^ how long would that take?
(10:49:06 AM) djjuhasz: Is he talking about adding functionality for 0.9? NOW?!
(10:49:21 AM) courtney: unclear
(10:49:24 AM) ***djjuhasz feels like he's on crazy pills
(10:49:45 AM) ARTi: djjuhasz: no
(10:50:01 AM) ARTi: I think this means we can just release 0.9 as is
(10:50:03 AM) courtney: (i'm very confused)
(10:50:09 AM) djjuhasz: okay great
(10:50:10 AM) ARTi: I just do a headless vm for it
(10:50:13 AM) djjuhasz: +1 for release as it
(10:50:16 AM) mcantelon: I  think basically he's saying folks don't need to use the Ubuntu UI.
(10:50:20 AM) courtney: ok
(10:50:22 AM) courtney: cool
(10:50:25 AM) djjuhasz: so vmdk's are built and posted?
(10:50:31 AM) ARTi: I think the fixes were for qubit anyways
(10:50:34 AM) djjuhasz: we're ready to post announcement
(10:50:39 AM) courtney: hurray!
(10:50:43 AM) djjuhasz: ?
(10:50:47 AM) ARTi: djjuhasz: I havn't done the headless one yet
(10:50:52 AM) berwin221: ARTi: quick question... could you install the packages on a headless vm, then install xubuntu-desktop, and release that as the vm?
(10:51:04 AM) djjuhasz: I say *screw* the headless one and pull the trigger on this thing
(10:51:09 AM) berwin221: or is there still problems?
(10:51:13 AM) djjuhasz: Do the headless post release
(10:51:25 AM) courtney: djjuhasz: ok
(10:51:33 AM) ARTi: berwin221: yeah that causes the problems
(10:51:37 AM) ARTi: djjuhasz: that sounds great
(10:51:43 AM) djjuhasz: Of course, I'm not leading this project, so it's up to you guys
(10:51:55 AM) djjuhasz: Peter should be in this afternoon if you want to double check
(10:52:16 AM) courtney: djjuhasz: except that i'm in a airplane by the time he gets in
(10:52:20 AM) courtney: not in van until 4
(10:53:41 AM) ARTi: I think we can go ahead and release,  help people with the buggy vm, and work on the headless over the next few days to replace it
(10:53:57 AM) Sevein: ARTi: totally
(10:54:00 AM) Sevein: :)
(10:54:13 AM) courtney: ok. so do i mention the buggy vm in the announcement?
(10:54:42 AM) ARTi: courtney: no, I think its ok
(10:54:48 AM) courtney: ok
(10:54:48 AM) mcantelon: Agreed.
(10:54:50 AM) ARTi: Ill make a note in the virtualbox instructions
(10:54:55 AM) courtney: ARTi: thank you
(10:55:39 AM) mcantelon:
(10:55:46 AM) djjuhasz: lol
(10:56:00 AM) djjuhasz: sorry, got a little over-excited there
(10:56:14 AM) djjuhasz: <-- too much caffeine Dave
(10:56:14 AM) mcantelon: djjuhasz is a passionate menz.
(10:56:23 AM) ARTi: hahaha
(10:57:07 AM) courtney: do i need to add any torrent info to the release?
(10:57:08 AM) djjuhasz: yay, release day!
(10:57:12 AM) courtney: is that on the wiki?
(10:57:17 AM) courtney: (bad internet)
(10:57:46 AM) djjuhasz: courtney: it's on the wiki
(10:57:49 AM) djjuhasz: torrent link
(10:58:11 AM) djjuhasz:
(10:59:10 AM) berwin221: deployment?
(10:59:17 AM) courtney: just posted
(10:59:40 AM) Sevein:
(10:59:44 AM) Sevein: we are already seeding
(10:59:47 AM) courtney: sweet
(10:59:50 AM) mcantelon: Hot dog
(11:00:15 AM) mcantelon: My torrenting thing stopped seeding, but I'll set up a one at home.
(11:00:24 AM) courtney: i can set up one at home, too
(11:00:37 AM) courtney: it can run in tandem with MemphisCam
(11:00:42 AM) mcantelon: Haha nice.
(11:00:51 AM) courtney: can we talk 0.9.1 for a minute?
(11:00:59 AM) mcantelon: Sounds good.
(11:01:02 AM) Sevein: I feel bad now using the same app for dvdrips and open source projects
(11:01:10 AM) courtney: heheh
(11:01:28 AM) ARTi: Sevein: ?
(11:01:31 AM) courtney: did you guys discuss a release target for 0.,9.1
(11:02:22 AM) Sevein: ARTi: nothing, just that my personal transmission server had already a list of torrents before Archivematica 0.9 landed :P
(11:02:56 AM) ARTi: :)
(11:03:39 AM) courtney: internet is being weird... may be booted in a minute
(11:03:44 AM) mcantelon: courtney: I think there might be a plan to meet about 0.9.1 when Evelyn gets back. Memory is murky...
(11:03:52 AM) courtney: mcantelon: great, thanks
(11:04:09 AM) courtney: i'll be doing a few more screencasts this weekend
(11:04:14 AM) mcantelon: Awesome.
(11:04:17 AM) ARTi: makes me think of scene rules,  <- the *real* normalization geeks
(11:04:19 AM) courtney: hopefully with less background noiose
(11:04:38 AM) berwin221: but I love the steam clock
(11:04:57 AM) courtney: berwin221 one friend of mine wrote me an email complaining of too much background noise
(11:05:04 AM) courtney: but i also love the steam clock
(11:05:09 AM) courtney: i'll try to get Memphis to meow
(11:05:13 AM) mcantelon: ARTi: That's intense.
(11:06:39 AM) mcantelon: courtney: Awww... Memphis cameo!
(11:06:48 AM) courtney: so you guys can start committing again, yes?
(11:07:07 AM) berwin221: yup
(11:07:16 AM) courtney: also, thanks berwin221 for updating so many issues and sending me qa review 
(11:07:35 AM) berwin221: was the screencast this week? I forget?
(11:08:04 AM) mcantelon: courtney: Ah, awesome.
(11:08:05 AM) courtney: berwin221 last week
(11:08:48 AM) courtney: well, maybe thurs
(11:09:02 AM) courtney: Sevein: were you able to update all those redirects as per the asana task?
(11:09:31 AM) Sevein: yes, it's done
(11:09:46 AM) courtney: Sevein: thanks! great
(11:10:03 AM) courtney: (people are moving away from me because i'm coughing and sniffling)
(11:10:36 AM) berwin221: I didn't see this in last weeks notes (screencast)
(11:11:07 AM) courtney: berwin221 i think you're right, i think i got it to you thursday
(11:11:23 AM) courtney: so this week's notes should include 0.9 screencast posted
(11:12:10 AM) courtney: ok, that's everything folks?
(11:12:39 AM) djjuhasz: godspeed archivematica 0.9!