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Artefactual Systems, Internal Archivematica Dev Mtg, 2012-03-21


[edit] Development

  • Mike and Courtney are focusing today on finishing up rights template and the bagged transfer issue
  • Mike will be working on rights and AIP search and the zipped bag
  • Joseph and Austin are testing converting pst's to maildirs
  • Sevein helped look at the rights template
  • Austin and Evelyn worked on the elasticsearch upstart

[edit] Deployment

  • Joseph had quite the experience getting the windows 7 vm running

[edit] Testing

  • Courtney has been testing AIP indexing with elasticsearch
  • Courtney found a few issues with premis 2.2 conformity,
  • Courtney will test rights template and aip search (not until after SAA next week)

[edit] Documentation

[edit] chat log

(10:38:29 AM) courtney: we have 93 outstanding issues : )
(10:38:43 AM) Sevein: I wish I'd have only 93
(10:38:45 AM) Sevein: :P
(10:38:45 AM) berwin22: total, or for the 0.9?
(10:38:52 AM) courtney: 0.9
(10:39:17 AM) courtney: mcantelon and i are focusing today on finishing up rights template and the bagged transfer issue
(10:39:25 AM) peterVG: so obviously a number (most) of those will have to get bumped to 1.0
(10:39:28 AM) courtney: yes
(10:40:10 AM) peterVG: at this point we need to seperate highs from criticals
(10:40:26 AM) courtney: evelyn took a shot at that with her wiki page
(10:40:32 AM) mike__: I've got 24 high, 3 critical IIRC.
(10:40:48 AM) peterVG: i.e. other than fixes to PREMIS template by Friday, decide which are enhancement or non-critical bugs vs 'critical' bugs that break the system
(10:41:20 AM) courtney:
(10:41:38 AM) courtney: i think a lot ARTi1's are done, just not indicated as such
(10:42:00 AM) mike__: I think all my criticals will be done (rights and AIP search are almost good to go and the zipped bag thing I'm thinking will be easy).
(10:42:00 AM) ARTi1: courtney: Ill go through my list
(10:42:13 AM) courtney: thanks ARTi1 - i'm a pretty good hinter
(10:42:18 AM) courtney: : )
(10:42:20 AM) ARTi1: yeah, :D
(10:42:37 AM) courtney: mike__: sweet
(10:43:03 AM) courtney: berwin22: ?
(10:43:17 AM) berwin22: I've been away last week. But this week I was working on mopping up my issues.
(10:43:20 AM) berwin22: I've started to try to do some testing converting pst's to maildirs.
(10:43:22 AM) courtney: great
(10:43:43 AM) berwin22: I also came across this:
(10:43:44 AM) berwin22: ARTi have you had a chance to do any testing with it?
(10:44:21 AM) ARTi1: berwin22: yeah, thanks for your help.  my initial import failed last night.. working on it again today
(10:44:32 AM) berwin22: k
(10:45:03 AM) berwin22: I think Sevien gave mark svn access this week?
(10:45:41 AM) courtney: yes indeed
(10:46:44 AM) berwin22: I had a hell of a time getting our windows 7 vm running
(10:48:14 AM) berwin22: that's it from me
(10:48:29 AM) courtney: also thanks to Sevein for helping look at the rights template
(10:48:35 AM) mike__: I've been mainly working on making the rights admin for user friendly and the AIP search.
(10:49:13 AM) courtney: this is testing - but i'm basically waiting for those two things to finish to text
(10:49:14 AM) courtney: test
(10:49:15 AM) ARTi1: I was working on some elasticsearch upstart scripts w/ evelyn,  pretty sure its solved
(10:49:49 AM) courtney: ARTi1: i've had rogue indexing failures at both aip indexing and transfer indexing
(10:49:50 AM) mike__: ARTi1: Nice!
(10:50:20 AM) ARTi1: courtney: you could be having a issue with a old dev installation.  
(10:50:43 AM) courtney: i have so many issues :-(
(10:50:53 AM) mike__: courtney: I'll give you some commands to run to delete your indexes.
(10:51:38 AM) courtney: thanks
(10:52:13 AM) ARTi1: testing?
(10:52:39 AM) courtney: i found a few issues with premis 2.2 conformity, but mike__ and berwin22 will clear those up
(10:53:10 AM) ARTi1: notes so far:
(10:53:11 AM) courtney: i'm waiting on mike__'s work with the rights template and aip search to test those 
(10:54:04 AM) courtney: documentation - i don't see getting any of this done until after SAA next week
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