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Artefactual Systems, Internal Archivematica Dev Mtg, 2012-02-21


[edit] Development

[edit] Deployment

  • Ongoing work with CVA's deployment

[edit] Testing

  • Work on maildir normalization path testing.

[edit] Documentation

[edit] chat log

(10:39:33 AM) epmclellan: dev news?
(10:39:50 AM) courtney: pretty awesome dev vid by joseph
(10:40:01 AM) epmclellan: thanks for doing that, berwin22
(10:40:03 AM) mcantelon: Yeah, that is super useful documentation
(10:40:23 AM) berwin22: dev null - none from me.
(10:40:31 AM) courtney: i will add to soon-to-be reworked documentation for devs on wiki
(10:40:50 AM) epmclellan: berwin22: all cva stuff etc?
(10:41:11 AM) berwin22: that would be support, not dev
(10:41:17 AM) epmclellan: right
(10:41:28 AM) epmclellan: I meant it's taking up all your time
(10:41:42 AM) peterVG: dev vid?
(10:41:59 AM) berwin22: yeah. support, testing, documentation, is taking up most my time
(10:42:10 AM) berwin22: dev: I've updated my dev machine with 12.04
(10:42:22 AM) berwin22: ubuntu 12.04
(10:42:33 AM) berwin22: We're planning on releasing the next archivematica on it.
(10:42:46 AM) epmclellan: peterVG:
(10:42:51 AM) berwin22: I did an update, not a re-install. I think that was a mistake
(10:43:17 AM) ARTi: xubuntu 12.04 looks nice,  berwin22 yeah Ive gotten farther from a clean install
(10:43:20 AM) peterVG: berwin22: nice!
(10:43:22 AM) peterVG: re: vid
(10:43:49 AM) berwin22: a number of packages needed to be purged before I could get mysql running. I'll need to reinstall my machine at some point
(10:44:04 AM) Sevein: I would suggest a web-based microservice interface rather than making users deal with that SQL file, I tried once and it is not easy even for developers
(10:44:47 AM) Sevein: ^tt's specially difficult to maintain the chain, don't you think so berwin22?
(10:45:10 AM) berwin22: Yes. would be better to strap an interface on it.
(10:45:44 AM) berwin22: But we wanted some documentation on how to do it without, and doc for the developers making the interface
(10:46:19 AM) Sevein: sounds good, I liked your work
(10:47:03 AM) berwin22: it's a somewhat complicated system, and you tried with no documentation!
(10:47:24 AM) Sevein: totally :)
(10:47:58 AM) berwin22: I think the concepts are relatively simple, but the implementation is a bit of a pain
(10:48:34 AM) Sevein: yeah, the complexity is in the database but the idea is pretty easy, I think Django could be used for that
(10:48:47 AM) Sevein: and provide an initial data set that can be loaded during the installation
(10:48:52 AM) Sevein: (for all the default micro-services)
(10:49:11 AM) berwin22: 
(10:49:48 AM) djjuhasz: berwin22: you've got a good voice for voiceover. :)
(10:50:03 AM) berwin22: captain mumbles
(10:50:09 AM) berwin22: I am
(10:50:33 AM) peterVG: ah, I recall your tweet now on this but thought you were talking about Courtney's screencast
(10:50:43 AM) courtney: ouch
(10:50:46 AM) peterVG: which was also v good :-)
(10:50:51 AM) peterVG: just though berwin22 was having a go
(10:51:26 AM) berwin22: twit: "If you like heavy breathing, the word uhm, or technobabble, then I have a video for you!"
(10:51:40 AM) peterVG: so berwin22 priority for dev is making 12.04 switch and then: testing multi-node mysql write?
(10:51:54 AM) berwin22: yes
(10:51:56 AM) peterVG: cool
(10:52:08 AM) epmclellan: I should add that to the roadmap if it's not there
(10:52:14 AM) djjuhasz: berwin22: I don't find the video "mumbly" at all.   There is a bit of a heavy breathing issue though ;)
(10:52:22 AM) peterVG: epmclellan: the heavy breathing?
(10:52:29 AM) peterVG: do we have a .wav for that?
(10:52:34 AM) courtney: value add
(10:52:35 AM) djjuhasz: I think you did pretty well on the "uhm" count
(10:52:48 AM) peterVG: I am the worst for 'uhm's
(10:53:02 AM) mcantelon: Me too. I'm where "uhm"s come to die.
(10:53:03 AM) berwin22: ARTi - how goes the switch to 12.04 packages?
(10:53:08 AM) djjuhasz: no peterVG, I'm sure I have you beat on the "uhm's"
(10:53:17 AM) courtney: question: maybe not a good one - will the 64 bit switch thing have any affect on bare metal install clients?
(10:53:34 AM) Sevein: berwin22: did you see that mysql front-end I posted yesterday night?
(10:53:36 AM) peterVG: only those that don't support 64-bit chips
(10:54:01 AM) berwin22: oh, we were also looking at moving to x64
(10:54:14 AM) ARTi: berwin22: yeah, x64 stuff should be working in 12.04
(10:54:20 AM) peterVG: but any pc bought in the last year should and we've gotten away from the idea of promoting this as a system that runs on old pcs + Ubuntu
(10:54:21 AM) ARTi: was just readpst that was blocking us
(10:54:32 AM) berwin22: I saw. How are you thinking it will be used in archivematica?
(10:54:35 AM) ARTi: berwin22: Ill get some package changes in asap
(10:55:04 AM) berwin22: ARTi - great. 
(10:55:19 AM) mcantelon: Sevein: Which MySQL front-end? I missed that...
(10:55:23 AM) Sevein: berwin22: every client should have its own front-end maybe? but I am afraid that would change then way you access to the data in the code therefore it would be a pain to implement it? not sure, I just took a quick view
(10:55:31 AM) Sevein: wait a sec
(10:55:43 AM) Sevein:
(10:56:21 AM) berwin22: you'd replace mysql connections with vitess connections. no value added & overhead is my first instinct
(10:56:38 AM) mcantelon: Sevein: Ah, cool... kind of like mysql-proxy.
(10:57:02 AM) Sevein: one vitess connection vs tons of mysql connections
(10:57:20 AM) Sevein: it's ok, just wanted to share it :)
(10:57:22 AM) mcantelon: Sevein: SQL parser!!! Nice.
(10:57:30 AM) berwin22: Each microservice would stil need to establish a vitess connection
(10:57:56 AM) berwin22: though it would be through the API
(10:58:57 AM) berwin22: We'll have another look if we start to have problems again after all the updates
(10:59:08 AM) jonhattan left the room (quit: Quit: Ex-Chat).
(10:59:39 AM) Sevein: yeah it's tricky because they are different processes right?
(10:59:40 AM) Sevein: ok
(10:59:41 AM) Sevein: :)
(11:01:17 AM) peterVG: ARTi: what are you working on this week?
(11:04:20 AM) ARTi: 12.04 packages this week, (was working on) offlineimap for sfu, and web4 deploy on cwh
(11:04:35 AM) peterVG: cool
(11:04:53 AM) epmclellan: ARTi helped me make a maildir backup of my gmail for testing
(11:05:06 AM) epmclellan: which I was able to convert to mbox
(11:05:11 AM) ARTi: want to start communicating about our backups as well, sounds like we have some good ideas on where to start.. just need consensus that we are following the right approach
(11:05:30 AM) epmclellan: I think we'll have reasonable consensus after our next visit to SFU
(11:05:35 AM) epmclellan: scheduled for Wednesday
(11:05:51 AM) courtney: i want to go
(11:05:54 AM) epmclellan: ARTi: unless you're not talking about email backups at all...
(11:05:56 AM) ARTi: backups@cwh
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