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(11:06:45 AM) epmclellan: guess that's a wrap?
(11:06:45 AM) epmclellan: guess that's a wrap?

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  • Austin installed 0.8-dev at UBC Library
  • Austin helped UBC Library install and test 5.25 disk reader
  • CVA has been updated to r2116


  • Evelyn has been doing lots of testing


Chat log[edit]

(10:36:27 AM) djjuhasz: archivematica - go!
(10:36:32 AM) Sevein: ok
(10:36:36 AM) djjuhasz: go go gadget archivematica!
(10:36:49 AM) epmclellan: dev news?
(10:36:56 AM) djjuhasz: archivematicabots roooooooooooollllllll out
(10:37:22 AM) Sevein: I've been working in an archival description browser
(10:37:35 AM) berwin221: I updated the rpc cli to work now.
(10:37:35 AM) berwin221: Worked on a number of other non-criticals
(10:37:41 AM) Sevein: so DIPs can be uploaded in a selected description
(10:37:53 AM) peterVG: sevein: nice
(10:37:55 AM) Sevein: Evelyn and me will be working in the details today (UI stuff, workflow...)
(10:38:02 AM) Sevein: running out of time, sorry guys
(10:38:23 AM) Sevein: it took me a long time to make qubit capable to workn with forks, etc
(10:38:23 AM) peterVG: Sevein: how are you doing it?
(10:38:31 AM) Sevein: too bad, unexpected, but it works now
(10:38:56 AM) Sevein: I'm using django as a gateway to get the items from qubit
(10:38:58 AM) berwin221: worked with jesus, and think we got the utf-8 charactors sorted out.
(10:39:01 AM) epmclellan: I added a section to the roadmap summarizing issues for code freeze: http://www.archivematica.org/wiki/index.php?title=Development_roadmap#Outstanding_issues_for_code_freeze
(10:39:06 AM) peterVG: berwin22 oh, good
(10:39:19 AM) epmclellan: the issues are open for discussion
(10:39:23 AM) Sevein: berwin221: thank you for updating your code, it works great AFAIK
(10:40:04 AM) berwin221: mike (mcantelon) did an amazing push on getting rights into the database, thanks
(10:40:10 AM) peterVG: awesome
(10:40:33 AM) epmclellan: they still need to be expressed as PREMIS, right?
(10:40:34 AM) mcantelon: Thanks berwin221! One thing I should add is the ability to delete/edit rightsholders... forgot about that initially. :)
(10:40:54 AM) peterVG: epmclellan: issue 704?
(10:41:00 AM) berwin221: I'm going to try to spend the day frantically getting the premis xml generated from them
(10:41:10 AM) epmclellan: yes, 704
berwin22 berwin221 
(10:41:15 AM) epmclellan: berwin221 great
(10:41:31 AM) peterVG: berwin221 great
(10:41:36 AM) Sevein: I don't know if I haven't said this before, but right now the qubit ArchivematicaDIP extractor is not parsing those rights, but we can add that feature in trunk when we have time
(10:42:05 AM) epmclellan: it's getting a bit close to code freeze
(10:42:14 AM) peterVG: should we have a Skype call/in office mtg on Friday to review code freeze and talk about next steps to 0.8 release?
(10:42:16 AM) epmclellan: would that be a quick thing?
(10:42:33 AM) Sevein: epmclellan: you're asking me?
(10:42:36 AM) epmclellan: yes
(10:42:44 AM) Sevein: epmclellan: mmm...
(10:42:44 AM) peterVG: Sevein: that can be a 1.2.1/1.3 update
(10:42:45 AM) epmclellan: how quick would parsing rights to qubit be?
(10:42:49 AM) epmclellan: don't think we can make it
(10:42:53 AM) epmclellan: agree with Peter
(10:43:05 AM) epmclellan: yes, a skype meeting would be a good idea, peterVG
(10:43:11 AM) Sevein: not sure, I haven't seen the XML yet
(10:43:14 AM) peterVG: cva is not using them right now anyway right (for first production batches?)
(10:43:15 AM) Sevein: sure
(10:43:23 AM) epmclellan: Sevein: we're not going to make it for 0.8
(10:43:27 AM) epmclellan: peterVG: correct
(10:43:28 AM) Sevein: ok
(10:43:32 AM) Sevein: anyways this is Qubit,not Archivematica
(10:43:45 AM) epmclellan: oh, I see, sorry
(10:43:46 AM) peterVG: yup, that's why its okay
(10:44:10 AM) Sevein: I think right now we can deliver trunk updates for Archivematica installations
(10:44:12 AM) peterVG: ...but obviously still a high priority...
(10:44:16 AM) Sevein: as long as Austincan update the package in the PPA, right?
(10:44:27 AM) Sevein: qubit trunk updates
(10:44:32 AM) peterVG: Sevein: that's my understanding
(10:44:38 AM) Sevein: nice :)
(10:44:41 AM) Sevein: that's going to be cool
(10:45:01 AM) epmclellan: Can you guys have a look at the list at http://www.archivematica.org/wiki/index.php?title=Development_roadmap#Outstanding_issues_for_code_freeze please?
(10:45:03 AM) djjuhasz: Is it important to be able to parse PREMIS rights from the DIPs that CVA is generating right now?
(10:45:05 AM) peterVG: but we probably shouldn't be putting trunk updates with proper release QA into packages?
(10:45:09 AM) epmclellan: I want to know if those are unrealistic
(10:45:20 AM) peterVG: or maybe offer a seperate (trunk) PPA checkout?
(10:45:31 AM) ARTi: Sevein: we can do updates via ppa, but we need to be able to handle database changes with dbconfig
(10:45:33 AM) djjuhasz: I guess we can always do a script to retroactively parse and add Rights to Qubit?
(10:45:34 AM) peterVG: *without* proper release QA
(10:46:06 AM) peterVG: ARTi: can you join us for a skype/online call sometime on fri?
(10:46:48 AM) peterVG: djjuhasz: CVA is only site that will in production with pre 1.3 Qubit
(10:46:56 AM) Sevein: ARTi: I see, that's going to be tricky, not sure if we can put all the migration procedure on dbconfig... we can try
(10:47:27 AM) ARTi: yes I can get skype, 
(10:47:37 AM) peterVG: their initial batches won't be using RIghts (AFAIK) so that step may not be necessary ,but yes, that would have to be workaround if we do need to go back later and add missing Rights data
(10:47:41 AM) djjuhasz: peterVG: Yep, I know.  Just want to make sure they don't require the rights for their Jan 15th launch deadline
(10:47:54 AM) epmclellan: they haven't asked for rights
(10:47:55 AM) peterVG: djjuhasz: AFAIK, no they dont. epmclellan?
(10:48:01 AM) djjuhasz: cool, cool
(10:48:02 AM) epmclellan: they have a lot of rights in their descriptive metadata
(10:48:04 AM) Sevein: epmclellan: seeing that list I can say that those that I can do will be ready for Friday, but the uploadDIP... not sure, I'll need some more days
(10:48:23 AM) epmclellan: thanks Sevein
(10:48:47 AM) epmclellan: anyway, CVA can do without rights
(10:48:55 AM) peterVG: which issue number are you talking about Sevein? ("uploadDIP")
(10:49:18 AM) peterVG: epmclellan: to be clear: without the ability to upload Rights metadata from Archivematica to Qubit...for the time being
(10:49:32 AM) epmclellan: correct
(10:49:43 AM) epmclellan: sorry, was being vague
(10:49:51 AM) peterVG: sounds like we are creating the necessary Rights metadata in the right format (PREMIS) in their Qubit archival descriptions (or can always add there)
(10:50:12 AM) epmclellan: yes, we can, and we'll have metadata synching between DIP and AIP someday
(10:50:19 AM) Sevein: peterVG: basically issue 796, http://code.google.com/p/archivematica/issues/detail?id=796
(10:50:42 AM) epmclellan: Sevein: it's ok for the user to manually add the slug to that field
(10:50:50 AM) epmclellan: we don't need anything fancier than that right now
(10:50:51 AM) peterVG: oh, that's kind of important :-)
(10:50:57 AM) peterVG: epmclellan: right!
(10:51:14 AM) peterVG: Sevein: this is related to your Qubit search form inside Archivematica right?
(10:51:28 AM) Sevein: yes, the point is that we can have two situations
(10:51:33 AM) peterVG: i agree with epmclellan its okay for 0.8 release for user to enter that value manually
(10:51:37 AM) Sevein: user want to upload the DIP to a given description
(10:51:55 AM) Sevein: or create a new item and upload there, anda ttach that series to a description
(10:51:58 AM) Sevein: http://piratepad.net/nTABqxcr0i
(10:52:15 AM) peterVG: by manually I meant, go to ICA-AtoM, do search for relevant isPartOf description, copy Permalink URL, paste into Archivematica Dublin Core template 
(10:52:31 AM) epmclellan: right
(10:52:41 AM) Sevein: yes, that will make things easyer
(10:52:54 AM) Sevein: but I still have to create a UI for that
(10:52:57 AM) peterVG: sure, but in second scenario we can make the use "manual" work around too, eg. go and create a new description in ICA-AtoM first, copy URL, etc...
(10:52:57 AM) Sevein: (not a big deal)
(10:53:04 AM) Sevein: (just want to know more about how do we want to do it)
(10:53:14 AM) epmclellan: in most cases there will already me a description in ICA-AtoM
(10:53:18 AM) Sevein: peterVG: yes
(10:53:23 AM) Sevein: we can do that
(10:53:32 AM) epmclellan: so if they only enter a slug in the isPartOf field
(10:53:33 AM) Sevein: I like when Peter wants to make things easyer
(10:53:34 AM) Sevein: :)
(10:53:34 AM) peterVG: Sevein: sure, yes, i think its fantastic to have the Qubit search form but not critical for 0.8 now
(10:53:45 AM) epmclellan: each object in the DIP becomes a child level of that parent
(10:53:58 AM) epmclellan: but if they enter other DC metadata, they create a new parent for all the items in the DIP
(10:54:10 AM) epmclellan: Sevein and I have discussed this
(10:54:27 AM) epmclellan: peterVG: agreed
(10:54:54 AM) peterVG: epmclellan: okay, yes, gets tricky because I think the ideal scenario would be to try and "merge" those DC values to the record indicated in isPartOf
(10:55:19 AM) peterVG: let's discuss details on Fri?
(10:55:19 AM) epmclellan: no, I don't think they would want to do that
(10:55:21 AM) epmclellan: yes
(10:55:35 AM) Sevein: well I really hope to get it done on Fri
(10:55:46 AM) peterVG: i guess we also don't have item-level DC either which will be a high priority for 0.9
(10:55:46 AM) Sevein: so I'll ask you guys today if I have more questions
(10:55:53 AM) epmclellan: I'll make an issue, describe the scenarios
(10:55:57 AM) peterVG: so that will come into consideration as well
(10:56:02 AM) epmclellan: then Sevein and peterVG can both look at it
(10:56:08 AM) peterVG: epmclellan: thanks
(10:56:13 AM) Sevein: but I think I have a clear idea now, and I talked with Joseph about the tecn details on how to pass the slug parameter to the script
(10:56:21 AM) Sevein: ok
(10:56:25 AM) Sevein: thank you epmclellan 
(10:56:32 AM) epmclellan: thank you too
(10:56:35 AM) epmclellan: lots of work!
(10:57:02 AM) peterVG: you guys are really kicking butt
(10:57:15 AM) epmclellan: true that
(10:57:24 AM) Sevein: I still have a question about the isPartOf field epmclellan 
(10:57:30 AM) epmclellan: ok
(10:57:31 AM) Sevein: well we can do that after the emeting
(10:57:35 AM) epmclellan: sure
(10:57:45 AM) peterVG: i know it doesn't always feel like that in the minutia of issues and client demands but yet again we're delivering some major new functionality in record time
(10:57:56 AM) epmclellan: yes, we really are
(10:57:59 AM) ***peterVG throwing around high fives
(10:58:11 AM) epmclellan: not throwing up, though, that's good :)
(10:58:17 AM) mcantelon: haha
(10:58:25 AM) Sevein: :)
(10:58:30 AM) peterVG: that's right. feeling somewhat stable actually....
(10:58:38 AM) peterVG: i won't jinx it
(10:58:41 AM) peterVG: any further
(10:58:42 AM) epmclellan: that's just the sleep deprivation speaking
(10:59:07 AM) epmclellan: deployment, really quickly
(10:59:18 AM) peterVG: what's a good time/platform for an Archivematica team, release 0.8 call on Fri?
(10:59:18 AM) epmclellan: ARTi installed 0.8-dev at UBC Library
(10:59:39 AM) ARTi: and our usb to 5.25 device worked well :]
(10:59:48 AM) peterVG: ARTi: oh sweet
(10:59:53 AM) epmclellan: yes, they're good to go on external media copying
(10:59:55 AM) peterVG: that's the one ordered online right?
(10:59:59 AM) epmclellan: and I did some test DSpace imports
(11:00:06 AM) epmclellan: yes
(11:00:32 AM) ARTi: yes, http://www.deviceside.com/fc5025.html
(11:00:32 AM) peterVG: okay, cool. I'm glad you guys were able to get in for that before Xmas
(11:00:37 AM) epmclellan: no surprises on the DSpace imports
(11:00:41 AM) epmclellan: looks pretty good
(11:00:53 AM) berwin221: updated cva to r2116
(11:00:57 AM) epmclellan: peterVG: yeah, thought it would round out their project year nicely
(11:01:05 AM) mcantelon: ARTi: Nice!
berwin22 berwin221 
(11:01:15 AM) epmclellan: berwin221 thanks, it was working well yesterday
(11:02:33 AM) epmclellan: re Friday meeting, any time works for me
(11:02:47 AM) epmclellan: actually, 10:00 or later, I guess
(11:03:01 AM) ARTi: ^ works for me
(11:03:27 AM) peterVG: ARTi: can you skype in? google+ hangout?
(11:04:30 AM) ARTi: umm.. either I suppose,  is their a preference?  I think the lesser of evils is google+
(11:04:55 AM) epmclellan: peterVG is on the phone
(11:05:45 AM) berwin221: k I'm stepping away from the computer for a bit
(11:05:52 AM) epmclellan: k, bye
(11:06:45 AM) epmclellan: guess that's a wrap?