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[edit] Development

  • Joseph has been working on moving the MCP configs to the database, while opening the possibility of alternative processing paths (No quarantine, Not generate DIP etc.)

[edit] Deployment

  • Jesus setup a twitter account for archivematica :]

[edit] Testing

  • Austin has been testing setting up heritrix

[edit] Documentation

  • Peter tweaked Development roadmap
  • Evelyn and Peter did interim project report for UBC Library Archivematica project
  • Evelyn worked on the FITS output page

[edit] ToDo

  • Joseph - move to FITS/pronom id (needs reqs from epmclellan1)
  • Joseph to seriously look at combining the MCP and transcoder
  • Austin to setup heritix VM web-archiving tests

[edit] Chat log

(10:34:05 AM) JessicaB: djjuhasz:  bless you.
(10:34:38 AM) peterVG: archivematica meeting
(10:34:54 AM) peterVG: band meeting. Jermaine?
(10:34:59 AM) epmclellan1: present
(10:35:07 AM) epmclellan1: Murray?
(10:35:08 AM) berwin22: I've been working on moving the MCP configs to the database, while opening the possibility of alternative processing paths (No quarantine, Not generate DIP etc.)
(10:35:12 AM) mjsuhonos: prisint
(10:35:17 AM) epmclellan1: heh
(10:35:37 AM) epmclellan1: can someone please take meeting minutes?
(10:35:38 AM) peterVG: berwin22: great
(10:35:45 AM) ARTi: I got minutes
(10:35:49 AM) epmclellan1: thanks!
(10:36:54 AM) epmclellan1: berwin22: configurable workflows, nice!
(10:37:52 AM) Misty [~Adium@] entered the room.
(10:38:31 AM) epmclellan1: that's it for dev this week?
(10:39:13 AM) berwin22: yeah, that's it from me. It's been slow going. I've tried mocking it up a few times.
(10:39:39 AM) epmclellan1: on a wiki page? do you have a link?
(10:39:43 AM) peterVG: other dev priorities for berwin22: move to FITS/pronom id (needs reqs from epmclellan1)
(10:40:00 AM) epmclellan1:
(10:40:06 AM) peterVG: ^ ah great
(10:40:06 AM) epmclellan1: still a work in progress
(10:40:18 AM) ARTi: nothing from me on archivematica, just web archiving
(10:40:24 AM) berwin22: I'd like to seriously look at combining the MCP and transcoder. There are big advantages
(10:40:29 AM) peterVG: berwin22: there was a third major dev task we had on your schedule, remind me?
(10:40:40 AM) berwin22: transfer area
(10:40:45 AM) peterVG: doh!
(10:40:56 AM) epmclellan1: oh yeah, that was it!
(10:40:59 AM) peterVG: you started some work on that recently right?
(10:41:10 AM) berwin22: the transfer area, yes
(10:41:22 AM) epmclellan1: we're going to have a dev meeting on Friday to discuss these features, if I recall correctly
(10:41:34 AM) peterVG: correct
(10:41:59 AM) peterVG: I'd also like to chat about the CVA TRIM transfer/SIP feature at that time
(10:42:12 AM) epmclellan1: sounds like fun
(10:42:18 AM) peterVG: can add to berwin22's summer dev list to make sure he doesn't run out of things to do ;-)
(10:42:33 AM) epmclellan1: yeah, poor joseph, never enough to do
(10:42:36 AM) berwin22: I'm thinking transfer and arrangement should be separated
(10:42:39 AM) djjuhasz: lol
(10:42:48 AM) peterVG: berwin22: that makes sense
(10:42:53 AM) peterVG: i agree
(10:42:55 AM) djjuhasz: poor all of us, none of us ever have enough to do ;P
(10:43:02 AM) epmclellan1: heh
(10:43:02 AM) ***peterVG twiddling thumbs
(10:43:08 AM) epmclellan1: drinking a beer
(10:43:18 AM) ***djjuhasz picking nose
(10:43:25 AM) epmclellan1: David, geez
(10:43:31 AM) ***berwin22 counting coconuts
(10:43:46 AM) djjuhasz: lol
(10:43:46 AM) ***peterVG actually pulling payroll timesheets, answering email and attending meeting.
(10:44:04 AM) ***peterVG now throwing all three balls up in air to sprint for coffee....
(10:44:06 AM) peterVG: ....GO!
(10:44:16 AM) epmclellan1: oh yeah, re the meeting... deployment?
(10:44:23 AM) ***djjuhasz feels a breeze
(10:44:41 AM) peterVG: ...catch
(10:44:45 AM) peterVG: ...and juggle
(10:44:47 AM) mjsuhonos: [tumbleweed]
(10:44:48 AM) peterVG: yes, deployment
(10:45:02 AM) djjuhasz: who was that multitasking man?
(10:45:28 AM) epmclellan1: ARTi: you're working on heritrix vm?
(10:46:16 AM) ARTi: yes, ended up not getting to the vm last night.. but am working on it today.  helped get some monstrosity of a VM setup for djjuhasz :]
(10:46:29 AM) ARTi: last week I was having some issues with heritrix, but think I found it last night..
(10:46:45 AM) epmclellan1: I installed heritrix but ran into a problem setting up jobs
(10:47:16 AM) epmclellan1: ARTi: maybe we can discuss again after the meeting
(10:47:17 AM) ARTi: their 1.48 version is more recent then their 3.0 version :].. its working great on my machine Ill get it going on a vm for you epmclellan1, are you in the office
(10:47:28 AM) epmclellan1: yes
(10:47:32 AM) ARTi: great :]
(10:47:34 AM) epmclellan1: oh boy, can't wait, thanks!
(10:47:47 AM) epmclellan1: web archiving, am very excited
(10:48:07 AM) peterVG: epmclellan1: i never want to hear you say you're not a geek again ;-)
(10:48:20 AM) epmclellan1: l've gone over to the dark side
(10:48:27 AM) ***peterVG (excited too)
(10:48:31 AM) epmclellan1: :)
(10:49:23 AM) epmclellan1: so Heritrix 1.48 is more recent than 3.0?
(10:49:40 AM) epmclellan1: some sort of reverse numbering system?
(10:50:08 AM) ARTi: yes, its intriguing 
(10:50:23 AM) epmclellan1: version 0.0 will be the ultimate in web archiving
(10:50:27 AM) ARTi: 1.14 rather
(10:50:28 AM) ARTi: haha
(10:50:34 AM) peterVG: lol
(10:50:37 AM) ARTi: no I think they maybe had a fork called 2.0 and 3.0
(10:50:37 AM) peterVG: peterVG: been doing a lot of thinking (i.e. working on) about rights metadata and enterprise identifier design.
(10:50:44 AM) epmclellan1: oh, ok
(10:50:45 AM) ARTi: and they just kept developing the 1.0
(10:50:59 AM) berwin22: i see
(10:51:15 AM) JessicaB left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(10:51:19 AM) epmclellan1: testing?
(10:51:25 AM) epmclellan1: no testing, actually
(10:51:30 AM) epmclellan1: not from me, anyway
(10:52:12 AM) epmclellan1: and no docs, other than the FITS output page I pointed to earlier
(10:52:27 AM) peterVG: i tweaked the roadmap page a bit this week
(10:52:42 AM) peterVG: no new features though, just some clarification
(10:53:12 AM) djjuhasz: ?
(10:53:20 AM) epmclellan1: yes
(10:53:22 AM) peterVG: epmclellan1 and I hammered out a decent interim project report for UBC Library Archivematica project
(10:53:39 AM) epmclellan1: and we meet with them tomorrow
(10:53:44 AM) djjuhasz: I thought I heard hammering yesterday ;)
(10:53:51 AM) peterVG:
(10:53:58 AM) ARTi: I ran a heritrix test, on my machine.. I archived  I think it was 3-4gb it never passed 256mb of ram on my machine
(10:54:08 AM) ARTi: Ill do another test with 1.14
(10:54:44 AM) ARTi: Ill setup some graphing on your vm as well epmclellan1 :]
(10:54:59 AM) epmclellan1: ok, sounds great, what kind of graphing?
(10:55:44 AM) ARTi: munin/collectd.. stuff to monitor system resources
(10:55:56 AM) epmclellan1: ok
(10:55:56 AM) ARTi: we were worried that heritrix/httrack would be a hog
(10:56:03 AM) epmclellan1: right
(10:56:18 AM) peterVG: Sevein set up twitter feeds on and this week, btw
(10:56:38 AM) peterVG: twitter search can be spotty though (often only goes back a few tweets)
(10:56:41 AM) berwin22: I noticed that, pretty cool
(10:56:45 AM) peterVG: right now only one showing from an hour ago:
(10:56:46 AM) peterVG: aaroncollie Playing with latest Archivematica (0.7.1-alpha) . BagIt AIPs are imo "an asset of the Library that embodies value.."
(10:57:15 AM) mjsuhonos: i don't see twitter feeds anywhere?
(10:57:21 AM) epmclellan1: on the main page
(10:57:27 AM) dericed: hey all, Dave Rice here, before I try, I wanted to check to see if archivematica installation on latest debian was feasible. I see xubuntu recommended though would prefer debian.
(10:57:39 AM) epmclellan1: hi Dave!
(10:57:51 AM) dericed: hello evelyn
(10:58:04 AM) epmclellan1: think that's a question for ARTi
(10:58:10 AM) epmclellan1: (Austin)
(10:58:21 AM) ARTi: dericed: I think debian would be possible, our packages are built for ubuntu though
(10:58:25 AM) mjsuhonos: i thought he went by ARTi-D2?
(10:59:08 AM) ARTi: we can run archivematica on ubuntu server headless, so it shouldnt have much difference with debian
(10:59:20 AM) peterVG: berwin22 and epmclellan1 the link in that tweet^ is very interesting. some great input into our (eventual) final AIP structure review. some good direction on using METS
(10:59:30 AM) epmclellan1: yeah, I have  it open now
(10:59:38 AM) ARTi: our startup scripts are written in upstart as well as opposed to init.d
(10:59:42 AM) dericed: ARTi: possible as theoretically or has it been done before?
(10:59:53 AM) berwin22: peterVG opening...
(11:00:00 AM) Sevein: peterVG: I will take a look at the widget
(11:00:00 AM) ARTi: dericed: hasn't been done
(11:00:04 AM) dericed: thx
(11:00:50 AM) peterVG: Sevein: its not the widget, its the feed from twitter
(11:00:58 AM) peterVG: i have the same issue in my Tweetdeck client
(11:02:53 AM) peterVG: epmclellan1: the report is 10yrs old
(11:03:03 AM) epmclellan1: yeah, I see that
(11:03:05 AM) Sevein: peterVG: ok :(
(11:03:11 AM) ARTi: notes so far :
(11:04:21 AM) peterVG: epmclellan1: still looks really relevant though, basic structure of METS hasn't changed since then (which is a good thing from a preservation point of view :-)
(11:04:23 AM) berwin22: where are we on the possibly moving time tracking from clockbeat?
(11:04:38 AM) peterVG: berwin22: going to sit down with djjuhasz and look at that right now
(11:04:55 AM) peterVG: will send out a staff@ message about it later today?
(11:04:55 AM) djjuhasz: :)
(11:05:25 AM) peterVG: okay, that's time?
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