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[edit] Development

  • Joseph is working on pre-ingest/arrangement/transfer requirements.
  • Austin finished final 0.7.1 kvm and vmware builds
  • We met silopolis today, he may be using some archivematica components in his project.
    • silopolis is working on image management, processing, validation and transmission workflow based on filesystem folders

[edit] Deployment

[edit] Testing

[edit] Documentation

[edit] Chat log

(10:33:46 AM) epmclellan: Archivematica meeting time?
(10:34:46 AM) berwin22: So it is
(10:35:16 AM) epmclellan: waiting for Austin?
(10:35:24 AM) ARTi1: morning epmclellan
(10:35:26 AM) berwin22: ARTi1 is austin
(10:35:29 AM) ARTi1: pong :]
(10:35:32 AM) epmclellan: oh, hi!
(10:35:33 AM) Sevein: hi Austin! :)
(10:35:59 AM) berwin22:  /whois ARTi1
(10:36:18 AM) epmclellan: can someone take minutes?
(10:36:40 AM) berwin22: Sure
(10:36:47 AM) epmclellan: thanks
(10:37:39 AM) epmclellan: dev news?
(10:38:06 AM) epmclellan: 0.7.1 is tagged, lots of dev leading up to that
(10:38:07 AM) berwin22: none from me, been working on design stuff for transfer area (pre formal archivematica)
(10:38:47 AM) ARTi1: not much from me as well,  finished the final 0.7.1 kvm and vmware builds, Im still working on the virtualbox build, and polishing up some things on the wiki
(10:39:03 AM) epmclellan: nice
(10:39:15 AM) epmclellan: berwin22: you're working on pre-ingest requirements?
(10:39:33 AM) berwin22: yes
(10:39:45 AM) berwin22: arrangement
(10:41:37 AM) epmclellan: ok, so that's it for development and deployment?
(10:41:48 AM) ARTi1: all from me
(10:42:09 AM) epmclellan: Lots of testing leading up to the release, needless to say
(10:42:17 AM) berwin22: We met silopolis today, he may be using some archivematica components in his project
(10:42:38 AM) epmclellan: what kind of project?
(10:42:52 AM) epmclellan: silopolis: hi
(10:42:53 AM) ***silopolis readings docs and code while lurking at the meeting talks
(10:43:53 AM) silopolis: epmclellan: hi, image management, processing, validation and transmission workflow based on filesystem folders
(10:44:10 AM) epmclellan: sounds interesting
(10:44:26 AM) epmclellan: "image management" - does that mean scanning?
(10:44:35 AM) epmclellan: or born-digital, or both?
(10:44:36 AM) silopolis: epmclellan: it is, actually
(10:44:51 AM) epmclellan: so you're scanning images and you want to preserve the output
(10:45:20 AM) silopolis: epmclellan: no images are uploaded via ftp
(10:46:25 AM) silopolis: workflow is triggered by file creation in monitored directories
(10:46:40 AM) epmclellan: ah, similar to the watched directories in Archivematica
(10:46:56 AM) silopolis: indeed
(10:47:01 AM) berwin22: very similar, in fact, he's considering re-using some of the code
(10:47:08 AM) epmclellan: nice!
(10:47:31 AM) silopolis: and all actions really look like archivematica's "micro-services"
(10:48:13 AM) silopolis: I had this concept in mind... just far more blurry and without a nice name
(10:48:31 AM) epmclellan: once you have the nice name, everything sort of falls into place :)
(10:49:34 AM) epmclellan: so, documentation...
(10:49:46 AM) silopolis: I just call it "filesystem based workflow"
(10:50:01 AM) epmclellan: well, that's pretty descriptive, actually
(10:50:29 AM) epmclellan: Release notes for 0.7.1 are at
(10:50:49 AM) epmclellan: I'm also working on the user manual, it should be done by the end of the day today
(10:50:59 AM) epmclellan: it's getting more complicated these days
(10:51:02 AM) JessicaB: Great work ev!
(10:51:05 AM) epmclellan: thanks
(10:51:14 AM) epmclellan: Also, I made a screencast yesterday
(10:51:29 AM) epmclellan: ingest to access using 0.7.1
(10:51:32 AM) JessicaB: movie star...
(10:51:35 AM) epmclellan: it's about 12 minutes
(10:51:37 AM) epmclellan: bleah
(10:51:44 AM) JessicaB: :-)
(10:52:14 AM) epmclellan: berwin22: you've been doing quite a bit of documentation, yes?
(10:52:27 AM) berwin22: yes
(10:53:10 AM) berwin22:
(10:53:18 AM) berwin22:
(10:53:40 AM) epmclellan: great docs!
(10:53:50 AM) epmclellan: Those will be really  useful for user questions
(10:53:58 AM) epmclellan: and refining requirements
(10:54:51 AM) JessicaB: the micro services doc is excellent
(10:55:12 AM) epmclellan: yeah, I think I'll put a pointer to that page in the user manual
(10:55:52 AM) berwin22: we moved to irc
(10:56:10 AM) berwin22:
(10:57:24 AM) epmclellan: I think that's a wrap, unless there's any more docs news
(10:58:00 AM) berwin22: evelyn, would you consider making the user manul a wiki page, so it can be edited easily if required?
(10:58:05 AM) epmclellan: yes
(10:58:11 AM) epmclellan: I have planned to do that
(10:58:13 AM) epmclellan: this summer
(10:58:17 AM) berwin22: ok
(10:58:21 AM) epmclellan: just like the ICA-AtoM user manual
(10:59:12 AM) JessicaB: it would be nice if the ica-atom user manual could be printed....
(10:59:33 AM) epmclellan: I think it can, there's a way to print it to pdf
(10:59:40 AM) epmclellan: let me look into that, JessicaB
(10:59:59 AM) djjuhasz: Jack had some script to print the ica-atom user manual, right?
(11:00:02 AM) JessicaB: epmclellan:  thanks, i just know that some archivists would print it and have it handy for quick reference.
(11:00:02 AM) epmclellan: yes
(11:00:12 AM) epmclellan: JessicaB: agreed
(11:00:27 AM) epmclellan: djjuhasz: I can't remember much about the script
(11:00:44 AM) epmclellan: I'll see if it's documented somewhere
(11:01:24 AM) JessicaB: epmclellan:  thanks. no rush. but something i've always wondered about. back in the beta stage i downloaded the manual and found it helpful. heck i still have it.
(11:02:01 AM) djjuhasz: epmclellan: I can help you look for the pdf script
(11:02:09 AM) epmclellan: ok, thanks
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