Meeting 20110601

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  • Joseph has been working on an access normalization path for mbox files. PST files are extracted to mbox format.
    • Found a tool that can be used: hypermail
  • Jesús finished the preservation planning report.
  • Jesús created the archival storage section which parses the static HTML file generated by
  • Jesús made the status widget less eye-catching.
  • Jesús updated so is easyer to debug when the upload fails.
  • Jesús made small improvements in the Ingest table layout to be adapted when the browser screen is narrow.
  • Jesús is working in the normalization report today.
  • Austin updated the Archivematica ppa to get the latest Django version, 1.3.x
  • Austin built a new readpst package, ended up using the binaries from the centOS x86 packages :/
    • this will suffice for testing, however Im leaving the bug open until I can build for myself.
  • Austin did some post install package touch up for issue 532 and 331




  • Added new issue tracking statuses:
    • QA-Review = Issue is submitted to Quality Assurance for review/feedback/verification.
    • QA-Feedback = Quality Assurance has finished reviewing the issue, and has not deemed it closable.
    • Document = Issue is resolved, but wiki/documentation needs to be updated/created.

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