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  • Austin did a rebuild of curators-workbench and fits.
  • Evelyn did some testing on that, which went well for a while, Im communicating with greg from UNC to see if we can get it up and running.
  • Evelyn started testing Curators WB. Has already emailed devs.
    • Something is causing a bug, probably we're misusing the software.
    • Courtney is going to be onsite at UNC in a couple of weeks, which could be really helpful in terms of figuring out how to use CW.
    • Austin will follow up with greg, and see if there is anything we can do. he though we were building from source... but maybe he will try our steps now that he knows it happened using the binary.
    • If this turns out to be a critical bug with no immediate fix we don't want to invest too much time into Curator WB up front.
  • Joseph tried to get the twisted method to launch processes working, caused some problems in the transcoder (see r1295).
  • Evelyn fixed small issue 511.
  • Joseph added an archivematica config for fits.xml, was talking about finding a home for it in the repo with Austin
  • Joseph will be working on issue 458.
  • Joseph and Evelyn are working on the requirements for this, it's actually quite complex. It will be a nice 0.7.1 feature.
  • Regarding to r1292, Jospeh changed MCP server to set permissions to allow group to access files.
  • Joseph is currently working on issue 476: Use python config parser to load config files (r1303)
  • He has also been doing bits of cleanup, some of it is "prints" I've determiend aren't needed.
  • He did some work towards getting queries of the data that is currently in the db.


  • Evelyn has been continuing to work on the [Reporting] wiki pages.


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