Meeting 20110316

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  • Joseph has mainly been working on Transcoder stuff
  • Joseph fixed issue 471
    • issues with file names with apostrophes (') with mysql escaping.
    • Joseph also accidentally ommited one field (file UUID) forgetting that it will contain the file name. Missed this during testing as well.
  • Joseph is moving normalization paths into the database
  • Peter has been having some design discussions with Open Planets Foundation and Heather Bowden (PhD student at UNC) about Archivematica interaction with external format registry
  • Peter submitted our use cases for a REST Bag API to a collaborative group led by Educopia and Library of Congress (monthly group telecon, mostly US university libraries)
  • Links to Peter's work at
  • Peter and ? discussed the 'rename' to start receiveSIP issue this morning, which was originally a work-around:
    • preference#1 moving or copying files to receiveSIP will just work (i.e. Archivematica starts processing)
    • preference#2 use the script Austin created at RAC to avoid the rename



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