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  • Joseph has been working on getting the transcoder moved over to a database system
  • The team will discuss this and other design aspects (data model/storage/indexing) next Thu meeting.



  • We're hoping to get an Archivematica install at UBC Library sorted out at meeting on Mon

Chat log

(7:32:18 PM) vangarderen.peter: team archivematica, please step up to the microphone
(7:32:20 PM) Sevein: opening archivematica wiki
(7:32:21 PM) vangarderen.peter: development?
(7:33:26 PM) david.juhasz: berwin22: Austin?
(7:33:33 PM) Austin: nothing on dev from me
(7:33:46 PM) Austin: Im just catching up on documentation.. working on some badly drawn network schematics from RAC 
(7:33:53 PM) david.juhasz: hehe
(7:34:02 PM) berwin22: I've been working on getting the transcoder moved over to a database system
(7:34:30 PM) berwin22: Making good progress
(7:35:33 PM) david.juhasz: nice
(7:35:42 PM) vangarderen.peter: berwin22: great. Austin and I had some doubts about moving away from xml config for this but after our discussion yesterday I do believe it is necessary
(7:36:33 PM) vangarderen.peter: Austin: the trick to a decent technical diagram is aligning as much as possible: text, boxes, lines, icons
(7:36:47 PM) vangarderen.peter: avoid bending lines if possible
(7:36:54 PM) vangarderen.peter: or avoid extra bends
(7:37:11 PM) berwin22: Well... it makes it easier to manage complexity, be flexible in the use of our file identifications, create automated normalization retries based on secondary and tersiary file identification systems
(7:37:32 PM) evelyn: Austin keep in mind I need to include it as a one-page diagram in the RAC report
(7:37:49 PM) evelyn: preferably with portrait orientation but landscape is ok if necessary
(7:37:56 PM) Austin: is it more then one page at the moment?
(7:38:01 PM) vangarderen.peter: evelyn: I'm only seeing one portrait oriented diagram
(7:38:12 PM) vangarderen.peter: its good. just needs some alignment to reduce noise
(7:38:16 PM) evelyn: ok
(7:38:21 PM) evelyn: I hadn't looked at it lately
(7:39:14 PM) vangarderen.peter: evelyn: as-is its okay too. the most important thing is that the install info is accurate and complete which it is. thanks Austin
(7:39:23 PM) evelyn: thanks
(7:40:41 PM) evelyn: if we're on documentation...
(7:40:53 PM) evelyn: I've added
(7:41:06 PM) evelyn: and
(7:41:10 PM) Austin: for documentation.. got to transcribe some stuff from the mailing list to the wiki (on my todo for asap)
(7:41:13 PM) evelyn: to the development documentation
(7:41:19 PM) vangarderen.peter: Austin: thx
(7:41:43 PM) berwin22: The normalization move to database should also allow for multiple normalization paths on a single file
(7:41:44 PM) vangarderen.peter: evelyn: nice job on the docs updates
(7:41:52 PM) evelyn: thanks
(7:42:01 PM) Jessica  Bushey: Very Nice!
(7:42:06 PM) evelyn: Austin, slightly off topic but Brian Norbert is awaiting a response from you at
(7:42:18 PM) vangarderen.peter: I'm wondering if we should pull out checkAccessConditions into its own page, seperate from generic 'workflow' discussion?
(7:42:29 PM) evelyn: sure, that might make sense
(7:42:32 PM) Austin: evelyn: I saw that this morning.. berwin22 you might have some thoughts on that?
(7:42:57 PM) berwin22: *reading*
(7:43:01 PM) vangarderen.peter: evelyn: as per our previous discussion. I see this becoming its own micro-services: checkAccessConditions, 
(7:43:17 PM) vangarderen.peter: setAccessConditions, securityCheck, ??
(7:43:30 PM) evelyn: copyright restrictions
(7:43:30 PM) vangarderen.peter: manageAccess
(7:43:37 PM) evelyn: yes
(7:43:53 PM) evelyn: it's complicated, different kinds of restrictions necessitate different workflows
(7:44:06 PM) vangarderen.peter: well, we'll have 'security' and 'copyright' as two different types of restrictions. The restrictions or permission are Access related
(7:44:19 PM) evelyn: ok
(7:44:31 PM) vangarderen.peter: so, yes, I think manageAccess is the more inclusive and accurate name?
(7:44:32 PM) Austin: berwin22: I wonder how freeswitch handles their workflow... its all xml based, and handles many functions and exceptions.   with a database we will allways be bound by the stability and the scalability of the database
(7:44:44 PM) vangarderen.peter: if it gets more complicated we can always split that up into security and copyright
(7:44:46 PM) evelyn: vangarderen.peter yes, agreed
(7:44:49 PM) vangarderen.peter: ...wait..wait..wait
(7:44:54 PM) vangarderen.peter: "rights" doh!
(7:45:03 PM) vangarderen.peter: manageRights
(7:45:07 PM) vangarderen.peter: ^ +1
(7:45:08 PM) evelyn: that's better!
(7:45:23 PM) Austin: at the very least we should be looking at sqlite, so there is no configuration/management of database servers done by the user
(7:45:24 PM) berwin22: It's a sudo mv by the archivematica user
(7:45:45 PM) vangarderen.peter: cause we'll want to make this compatible with PREMIS and/or METS 'rights' metadata as well
(7:45:54 PM) MJ Suhonos: Austin:  upvote for sqlite.
(7:45:59 PM) evelyn: yes, we need a PREMIS rights entity
(7:46:10 PM) berwin22: or... one moment...
(7:46:12 PM) evelyn: it's the one piece we're missing
(7:46:21 PM) vangarderen.peter: Austin: we'll we need run MySQL anyway for Dashboard
(7:46:33 PM) MJ Suhonos: vangarderen.peter:  what about moving both to sqlite?
(7:46:39 PM) vangarderen.peter: so why add a second dbase to configure/maintain?
(7:46:41 PM) Austin: but transcoder is not the mcp/dashboard
(7:47:03 PM) Austin: MJ Suhonos: that would be nice
(7:47:06 PM) vangarderen.peter: it will
(7:47:20 PM) vangarderen.peter: we want the end user to read/edit transcoder rules via dashboard
(7:47:24 PM) vangarderen.peter: so hitting same dbase
(7:47:30 PM) vangarderen.peter: don't want duplicate dbases
(7:47:46 PM) vangarderen.peter: also solves issue of updating distributed dbases
(7:47:52 PM) MJ Suhonos: vangarderen.peter:  assuming there's some DAL in the dashboard, sqlite should be a drop-in replacement for Mysql
(7:47:54 PM) Austin: huh.. but then this is becoming more of a single archivematica program... MCP is eating the programs!
(7:48:02 PM) MJ Suhonos: END OF LINE, PROGRAM
(7:48:09 PM) vangarderen.peter: Austin: still open for discussion, seriously. let's chat on Thu
(7:48:15 PM) Austin: cool
(7:48:46 PM) vangarderen.peter: we noted that ARchivematica data model/data storage design review was one of first 0.7.1 tasks
(7:49:08 PM) evelyn: Austin I didn't realize you had already sent me installation diagrams, they look pretty good!
(7:49:11 PM) Sevein: yeah
(7:49:20 PM) berwin22: Austin: regarding store AIP; it's just a mv (no sudo) run by archivematica -
(7:49:24 PM) vangarderen.peter: preference would be to standardize on one data store tool/technology and not have to maintain more than one unless really good reason
(7:50:10 PM) vangarderen.peter: we'll discuss how to tackle 0.7.1 data model/storage/indexing design in Thu meeting. As usual, a wiki design page is probably best.
(7:50:38 PM) vangarderen.peter: okay, I think we've covered dev & docs
(7:50:43 PM) vangarderen.peter: Archivematica deployment?
(7:50:54 PM) vangarderen.peter: actually, sorry wait
(7:51:04 PM) vangarderen.peter: Misty: are you present?
(7:51:05 PM) vangarderen.peter: I understand you did some wiki updates?
(7:51:41 PM) vangarderen.peter: yup:
(7:52:21 PM) Misty: Peter: Sorry, I didn't see the message.
(7:52:46 PM) vangarderen.peter: just wanted to say thanks for adding all the 0.7 Transcoder documentation
(7:52:49 PM) vangarderen.peter: that is super awesome!
(7:52:56 PM) evelyn: yes, Misty it's much appreciated
(7:52:59 PM) Misty: No problem! I like being awesome.
(7:53:03 PM) evelyn: Also thanks for filing issues
(7:53:17 PM) vangarderen.peter:
(7:53:57 PM) vangarderen.peter: Evelyn and/or Joseph can you please review Misty's updates and fill in any blanks if necesary?
(7:54:18 PM) evelyn: will do
(7:55:22 PM) vangarderen.peter: who added the OED definition for Transcode: was that you berwin22. Nice!
(7:55:37 PM) david.juhasz: I was just reading:
(7:56:11 PM) david.juhasz: Is it common to require a space for variables that point to bin files?
(7:56:13 PM) Sevein: four minutes
(7:56:33 PM) berwin22: yeah, I did some other doc earlier in this week too, but lost track of it
(7:56:36 PM) david.juhasz: It seems like a real source of possible problems when users mod?
(7:57:05 PM) vangarderen.peter: been sitting on floor in empty office for 1.5 hrs. Bum is very sore. Thinking of risking run up to 6&6th office for chair. Shaw guy is supposed to call before showing up. I can do it in half an hour :-)
(7:57:23 PM) david.juhasz: lol
(7:57:26 PM) vangarderen.peter: sorry, ^ that was my post meeting update
(7:57:29 PM) MJ Suhonos: haha
(7:58:07 PM) evelyn: vangarderen.peter pretty sad
(7:58:07 PM) Jessica  Bushey: I want to know if you are wearing a wedding dress Peter..
(7:58:13 PM) david.juhasz: vangarderen.peter: any neighbours that might lend you a chair?
(7:58:19 PM) berwin22: found it:
(7:59:02 PM) vangarderen.peter: david.juhasz: there's one other office (freight brokers) next door to us but I don't want to seem to needy right off the bat. Plus my ass really needs the blue lounge chair now.
(7:59:22 PM) david.juhasz: lol
(7:59:24 PM) evelyn: Shaw guy will show up without phoning 5 minutes after you leave the office
(7:59:33 PM) vangarderen.peter: evelyn: don't say that
(7:59:35 PM) vangarderen.peter: I'm doing it
(7:59:41 PM) vangarderen.peter: archivematica dev?
(7:59:43 PM) evelyn: they'll reschedule for early 2012
(7:59:48 PM) vangarderen.peter: archivematica deployment
(7:59:49 PM) Misty: Peter: You know it's true.
(8:00:01 PM) Jessica  Bushey: doing it? going next door in your wedding dress to ask the freight brokers for a chair?
(8:00:09 PM) vangarderen.peter: Jessica  Bushey: yup
(8:00:14 PM) vangarderen.peter: archivematica deployment
(8:00:15 PM) david.juhasz: lol evelyn is totally right 
(8:00:15 PM) Jessica  Bushey: ;P
(8:00:22 PM) vangarderen.peter: we discussed RAC and IMF last week's meeting?
(8:00:37 PM) evelyn: I missed last week's meeting
(8:00:39 PM) vangarderen.peter: we're hoping to get an Archivematica install at UBC Library sorted out at meeting on Mon
(8:00:47 PM) evelyn: and there were no minutes?
(8:01:06 PM) david.juhasz: Shaw embodies all that is evil in monopolistic corporations
(8:01:14 PM) vangarderen.peter:
(8:01:33 PM) vangarderen.peter:
(8:01:46 PM) vangarderen.peter: MJ did you manage to get the Archivematica minutes up last week? ^
(8:01:54 PM) evelyn: no minutes at that link
(8:02:22 PM) vangarderen.peter: :-(
(8:02:46 PM) MJ Suhonos: um, yeah, i did.  JAS
(8:02:47 PM) vangarderen.peter: MJ Suhonos: did you forget to post? posted to a diff't page?
(8:03:11 PM) MJ Suhonos: ah crap.  i got the qubit minutes up but not archivematica
(8:03:16 PM) MJ Suhonos: garg.  working on it now
(8:03:24 PM) evelyn: thanks :)
(8:03:34 PM) vangarderen.peter: okay thanks MJ
(8:03:35 PM) MJ Suhonos: major apologies all
(8:03:38 PM) vangarderen.peter: np
(8:03:48 PM) vangarderen.peter: assuming you have them, just post later today when you get a chance
(8:03:58 PM) vangarderen.peter: otherwise don't spend time recreating
(8:03:59 PM) evelyn: thanks, MJ, no worries
(8:04:08 PM) vangarderen.peter: okay, well that's it for today's meeting
(8:04:12 PM) Sevein: yeah
(8:04:14 PM) vangarderen.peter: thanks Sevein for taking notes
(8:04:17 PM) Sevein: thank you all
(8:04:18 PM) evelyn: thanks Sevein
(8:04:22 PM) vangarderen.peter: way to stick to the schedule
(8:04:27 PM) vangarderen.peter: I'm going in for a chair
(8:04:31 PM) vangarderen.peter left the room.