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Technical Requirements

Archivematica is capable of running on almost any hardware supported by Ubuntu 12.04; however, processing large collections will require better hardware.

Archivematica can be installed on a single machine, or across many machines to spread the processing workload.

Recommended Minimum Requirements for small-scale testing

For functionality testing using small collections (transfers with 100 files or less, 1 GB or smaller)

  • Processor: Dual Core+ CPU
  • Memory: 2GB+
  • Disk space: 7GB plus the disk space required for the collection

Recommended Minimum Requirements for production processing

Archivematica can be installed one or more machines. It is recommended that each machines have these minimum requirements:

  • Processor: dual core i5 2nd generation CPU or better
  • Memory: 8GB+
  • Disk space: 10GB plus the disk space required for the collection.

Firewall requirements

When installing Archivematica on multiple machines, all the machines must be able to reach each other on the following ports:

  • http, mysqld, gearman, nfs, ssh



When you first install Archivematica 0.10-beta, you will be asked to register repository information in order to set your PREMIS agent and to get updates from the Format Policy Registry (FPR)