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(Post Install: if you don't give sudoer rights the scripts breaks.)
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<pre>sudo gpasswd -a myUserName archivematica</pre>
<pre>sudo gpasswd -a myUserName archivematica</pre>
Give archivematica sudoers rights (these are open permissions, DO NOT USE in PRODUCTION.)
Give archivematica sudoers rights
<pre>sudo echo "archivematica ALL=NOPASSWD:/bin/mv,/bin/chown,/bin/chmod" >> /etc/sudoers </pre>
<pre>sudo echo "archivematica ALL=NOPASSWD:/bin/mv,/bin/chown,/bin/chmod" >> /etc/sudoers </pre>

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This Guide assumes you want to install the core Archivematica Components on a existing Ubuntu 10.04 machine.


Add Our Repository


Installing Packages

Core Install

Install the following packages archivematica-mcp-server, archivematica-mcp-client, archivematica-mcp-rpccli,

sudo aptitude install archivematica-mcp-server archivematica-mcp-client archivematica-mcp-rpccli

Shotgun Approach

There is a meta package available called archivematica-shotgun, aka the shotgun approach. This package is used to build our demo and test environments and includes a wide range of tools and libraries we find useful for digital archiving. It includes archivematica-mcp-server, archivematica-mcp-client, transcoder, archivematica-mcp-rpccli, upload-qubit, droid, fits, jhove, xena, easy-extract, bagit, nfs-kernel-server, nfs-common, fusesmb, smbfs, samba-common, hfsplus, hfsprogs, vlc, guymager, autopsy, gddrescue. This package set assumes you are using a desktop environment, if installing on a server please use the core packages above.

sudo aptitude install archivematica-shotgun

Post Install

Add your user to the archivematica group

sudo gpasswd -a myUserName archivematica

Give archivematica sudoers rights

sudo echo "archivematica ALL=NOPASSWD:/bin/mv,/bin/chown,/bin/chmod" >> /etc/sudoers 
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