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There are multiple ways to download and use Archivematica 0.7-alpha.

Virtual appliance

1. What is a virtual appliance?

2. Download your preferred virtual appliance format (md5sum.list):

3. If you don't already have a virtual machine player, we recommend VirtualBox. See these Virtual appliance instructions on how to load your Archivematica virtual appliance using VirtualBox.

Live USB key

1. Download this .raw file: archivematica-0.6-100519.raw (3.7 GB)

2. Use it to create a Live USB key: Build a Live USB disk

3. See these instructions for getting started with the Live USB key: Use the Live USB

The advantage of the Live USB over the Live DVD is that it can save data and session information to the USB key for re-use in future sessions, whereas the Live DVD is read-only.

Checkout from Subversion Repository

This is an option for developers that want the ability to customize or enhance their own Archivematica installation and/or contribute code back to the Archivematica project.