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(Virtual appliance)
(Virtual appliance)
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* VirtualBox, VMware: [ archivematica-0.10-beta.vmdk.tbz] (2.3G)
* VirtualBox, VMware: [ archivematica-0.10-beta.vmdk.tbz] (2.3G)
** European mirror:  archivematica-0.10-beta.vmdk.tbz (soon) (2.3G)
** European mirror:  [ archivematica-0.10-beta.vmdk.tbz] (2.3G)
** Torrent file (soon)
** Torrent file (soon)

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Main Page > Software > Install > Release 0.10-beta

There are multiple ways to install and use Archivematica 0.10-beta. Once it is installed, consult the user manual for user instructions.

Virtual appliance

1. What is a virtual appliance?

2. Download your preferred virtual appliance format (building/uploading in progress):

To run a checksum on the .tbz file, select one of the following: (sha256, md5sum).

3. If you don't already have a virtual machine player, we recommend VirtualBox. See these Virtual appliance instructions on how to load your Archivematica virtual appliance using VirtualBox.


This options requires experience in Linux.

  • Install from Packages on Ubuntu Linux

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