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== Synopsis ==
Add the ability to query the storage service about the AIPs that have been stored including formats, file sizes, number of AIPs, by category, and other information from the METS file.
== User Story ==
== User Story ==

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User Story

List of example searches and expected responses.



  • JISC


  • This will require improvements to METS reader-writer (metsrw) to be able to support different queries
  • METS can contain multiple metadata standards - metsrw should be able to handle these in an easily-extensible way
    • Since it is the METS reader-writer, other standards should be supported as plugins of some sort
    • Prefer to use existing libraries (eg PyPREMIS) or thin wrappers around existing libraries
  • By default metsrw should include PREMIS in the way Archivematica uses it and DublinCore