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In the Archivematica Storage Space:

  • Create a Space with access protocol FEDORA via SWORD2.
  • Create a Location within that Space (purpose = FEDORA deposits)
  • Enter the Fedora URL, username and password.
  • See Archivematica Storage Service documentation for more details.

In Islandora

  • Configure Archidora at admin/islandora/archidora.
    • Archivematica Storage Service Base URL - normally http://archivematica-url:8000
    • Deposit Location - will be configured automatically once storage service URL is entered
    • Archivematica User - Archivematica dashboard user to be used for Islandora integration (not storage service)
    • Archivematica API Key - API key for the Archivematica dashboard user listed above
  • Archivematica may also be configured to call back to Islandora to delete the high-res "OBJ" datastreams - this is done in the Storage Service > Administration > Service callbacks
    • URI: http://islandora-base-url/islandora/object/<source_id>/archidora/{Islandora API}/delete
      • Where the API key is the "Islandora Archivematica integration API key" listed/generated on the Archidora admin screen
    • Event: post-store
    • Method: post
    • Expected status: 200

Note: the OBJ datastreams are not deleted automatically, but rather are listed at the collection level (or compound object level) on the Manage | Archivematica tab. They can be deleted individually or in bulk.

Cron must be enabled.

  • Collection-level configuration:
    • Check off "Don't Archive Children" to stop objects from being sent to Archivematica for a particular collection.

- Islandora Archidora documentation