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Sections of this page have been copied and adapted from the Islandora Foundation's Archidora documentation under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. These sections are appended by a hyperlink to the original content in the Islandora wiki. We are grateful to the Islandora Foundation for both writing and sharing this documentation.


Archidora is a module that integrates the digital preservation functionality of Archivematica with Islandora. It was developed by Artefactual Systems and Discovery Garden, sponsored by the University of Saskatchewan Library.

User story

The goal of the Archidora module is to allow Islandora users to seamlessly preserve content that is ingested into Islandora using Archivematica's suite of digital preservation micro-services, creating preservation copies of that content for long-term storage. The Islandora user ingesting the content should not be required to mediate the transfer to Archivematica in any way. Upon completion of the transfer and ingest into Archivematica, a notification is sent back to Islandora indicating that the storage was successful.



The Archidora module was developed in 2014 and has been deployed at the University of Saskatchewan Library since 2015. Testing is ongoing.

The code is currently held in Github by the Islandora Foundation, but is not being actively maintained.



- Islandora Archidora documentation


Installation and testing is similar to any Drupal module. Please see Installing the Islandora Enhancement Modules for details.

- Islandora Archidora documentation


In the Archivematica Storage Space:

  • Create a Space with access protocol FEDORA via SWORD2.
  • Create a Location within that Space (purpose = FEDORA deposits)
  • Enter the Fedora URL, username and password.
  • See Archivematica Storage Service documentation for more details.

In Islandora

  • Enable cron.
  • Configure Archidora at admin/islandora/archidora.
    • Archivematica Storage Service Base URL - normally http://archivematica-url:8000
    • Deposit Location - will be configured automatically once storage service URL is entered
    • Archivematica User - Archivematica dashboard user to be used for Islandora integration (not storage service)
    • Archivematica API Key - API key for the Archivematica dashboard user listed above
  • Archivematica may also be configured to call back to Islandora to delete the high-res "OBJ" datastreams - this is done in the Storage Service > Administration > Service callbacks
    • URI: http://islandora-base-url/islandora/object/<source_id>/archidora/{Islandora API}/delete
      • Where the API key is the "Islandora Archivematica integration API key" listed/generated on the Archidora admin screen
    • Event: post-store
    • Method: post
    • Expected status: 200
  • Note: the OBJ datastreams are not deleted automatically, but rather are listed at the collection level (or compound object level) on the Manage | Archivematica tab. They can be deleted individually or in bulk.
  • Collection-level configuration:
    • Check off "Don't Archive Children" to stop objects from being sent to Archivematica for a particular collection.

- Islandora Archidora documentation