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This page will document potential areas of improvement in Archivematica that will allow for better workflows with Avalon.

Project Thesis

Artefactual and Avalon will seek to create:

  • support for activities such as file characterization and preservation metadata extraction:
    • digitized and born-digital AV materials.
  • Integration with Archivematica or its components into Avalon ingestion workflows to provide:
    • preservation metadata
    • better packaging for long-term digital preservation activities



  • Is it required that the metadata in the batch ingest manifest is represented in the AIP METS file (in dmdSecs for example?)
  • Will users have a need to populate the batch ingest manifest with metadata entered into Archivematica?
    • Descriptive metadata?
    • Rights metadata?
  • When Avalon is being used to disseminate different quality files, which file(s) should be stored in the AIP?
    • How should mulitple versions be modeled in the METS?
  • Should the structure of files be modeled in the METS when structure XML files are included?
    • Or is describing the presence and use of structure files sufficient?
  • How should the presence of caption files be noted in the METS?

Exploration of Archivematica

  • Progress and first impressions
  • Ingest progress
  • Exploration of the AIP generated from Avalon Batch Packages
  • Immediate observations:
    • Workflow questions
    • Perceived or real gaps
    • Questions Artefactual can answer about what Archivematica is doing/should be doing
  • Relationship between Archivematica and Avalon, e.g position in workflow, pre-Avalon? post-Avalon? Something else?