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User story

As a repository manager, I require flexibility in how AIPs are packaged so they can be stored as one or more physical entity.


Analysis is ongoing.


If you'd like to get involved in this development, please feel free to contribute to this wiki page or start a discussion on our user forum.


Currently, Archivematica can only package a single AIP as a single bag. This has limitations in some repository environments and does not allow archivists/repository managers flexibility in how AIPs are stored and accessed.

Use case: AIP split into multiple parts

An AIP is split into multiple zipped packages and loose files for storage and retrieval purposes. The AIP pointer file needs to indicate the existence and locations all of the zipped packages and loose parts, provide compression information about the zipped packages, indicate that the AIP has been unpackaged from its bag, and indicate the location and purpose of the AIP METS file.

Use case: Encryption

An AIP should be encrypted before storing, independent of where it is stored. The AIP pointer file needs to track information required to unencrypt the AIP on retrieval.