How to add multiple clients

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Set mysql to listen on public interface (transcoder)

on MCPServer host, edit /etc/mysql/my.cnf

sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf

then comment out

#bind-address =

restart mysql

sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart>


Install the client package

sudo aptitude install archivematica-mcp-client

Configure fstab to automatically mount the remote NFS share directory on client machines

edit /etc/fstab

sudo nano /etc/fstab

assuming the IP of your NFS server is the same as your MCP-Server (ie add the following /var/archivematica/sharedDirectory nfs defaults 0 0

Supported Modules

Comment out the upload and storeAIP tasks, from the supported tasks on the client machine, by prepending the line with a '#'.

sudo mousepad /etc/archivematica/MCPClient/archivematicaClientModules
#upload-qubit_v0.0="upload-qubit "
#storeAIP_v0.0=" "

Change the IP/Hostname

Change the IP/Hostname the client machine is connecting to.

sudo mousepad /etc/archivematica/MCPClient/clientConfig.conf

In the same file, /etc/archivematica/MCPClient/clientConfig.conf, you can set the max number of threads this client will run.


Disable the MCP Server

Each client node needs to have the MCP server disabled from starting at startup.

login to each node, remove /etc/init/archivematica-mcp-server.conf and reboot.

sudo stop archivematica-mcp-server
sudo rm /etc/init/archivematica-mcp-server.conf


sudo stop openoffice-service; sudo start openoffice-service
sudo stop archivematica-mcp-client; sudo start archivematica-mcp-client

The client should connect on startup.

Note: to see the dashboard, or ica-atom, you'll need to visit the server's ip address, not localhost.