Directory printer for recording original order

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See related issues:

  • #6257

Add directory printer to generate tree diagram

  • Add open-source directory printer to Archivematica
    • Tesseract is the most actively developed; other open-source OCR is either moribund (Cuneiform, OCRopus) or released only sporadically without major improvements (OCRad, gOCR).
    • The actively-developed options are:
      • Tesseract - Very actively developed. Best accuracy of all the open-source options, good speed.
      • OCRad - Moderate-to-poor accuracy, excellent speed.
      • gOCR - Poor accuracy, slow speed.
    • Tesseract appears to be the best solution in most cases. If speed was paramount and mediocre or poor accuracy would be acceptable, there might be an argument to use OCRad.
  • Add micro-service to generate tree diagram for a transfer
    • Micro-service: 'Print directory'
    • Choose yes or no in dropdown menu

  • Add tree diagram to submissionDocumentation directory
    • xml or txt
  • Add configuration setting to the administration tab of the dashboard to pre-select tree diagram option