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Archivematica development roadmap

This roadmap describes what Artefactual is working on for the Archivematica system. Sponsored work, that is development of features and enhancements which is funded by our development partners, is prioritized. On our wishlist, we have also included enhancements and features that we would like to see or that the community has shown interest in; however, without development resources allocated to us or contributions from developers outside of Artefactual, we cannot guarantee their inclusion.

Reflecting the bounty business model for open source development, each feature is developed in partnership with an institution or group of institutions with unique workflow needs. Despite our best efforts to keep features as generic as possible, some extra development may be necessary for a feature to function well in your own environment. Please see the Archivematica services offered on Artefactual's website to find out more about how to become a development partner, get training and support, or take advantage of installation services.

We will issue public releases incrementally upon completion and testing of the sponsored features and enhancements listed below. All features are subject to code review and QA, the results of which may result in any feature being pushed to a future release.

Features by release number

Storage Service 0.5.0

  • Sponsored (University of Saskatchewan) Islandora integration. See also: Sword_API, #5796 #5837
    • v1 of Sword API - the API used by external applications like Islandora as well as Fedora
  • DuraCloud integration #7133
  • Restrict Location's purpose based on what Space it is (ie if LOCKSS is only allowed AIP storage, make explicit in SS UI)
  • Backend - Not user-facing:
    • Sponsored (Zuse Institut) Changes to support AIP re-ingest
    • split
    • Better error logging for rsync

Archivematica 1.3

  • Sponsored (University of Saskatchewan) Add post store AIP micro-service to let Islandora know that an object has been moved into storage and can be deleted from Islandora
  • METS refactoring and METS generation improvements
    • develop standalone Python METS reader/writer application and distribute separately from and integrated with Archivematica
  • Sponsored (Zuse Institute) AIP DC and Rights MD Re-ingest Full AIP re-ingest requirements
    • Sponsored supports AIP versioning (METS file updates) #1564
    • Sponsored generate DIP from AIP after processing is complete - Issue #1843
    • does not support re-normalization
    • note that this work is only part of the entire AIP re-ingest feature, the rest is not yet sponsored
  • Sponsored (National Library of Wales)
    • Sponsored Add levels of description to Submission Information Packages using AtoM REST endpoint to enforce controlled vocabulary
    • Sponsored Generate hierarchical structMap in Archival Information Package METS file
    • This development is concurrent with AtoM development including the following: generate hierarchical arrangement based on METS structMap, map levels of description in hierarchical METS structMap to Level of description element in AtoM information object, and display hierarchical arrangement in AtoM treeview
  • Backend - Not user-facing
    • logging
    • database ORM

Storage Service 0.6.0

  • AIP Restore
  • Sponsored (University of York) Arkivum integration
  • Sponsored (OCUL) Swift integration (openstack)

Archivematica 1.4

Wish list

Also see unsponsored features/tasks/bugs without assigned releases: unsponsored and unscheduled fixes, features and tasks

  1. Improvements to e-mail ingest workflow (maildir)
  2. DIP generation/upload info logged to pointer file
  3. Re-index AIPs and DIPs (storage service)
  4. Persistent data about stored AIPs and DIPs
  5. Upload submission documentation during transfer upload #1910
  6. SAMBA plugin for Storage API
  7. ElasticSearch in SS
  8. Format Policy Registry (FPR) public site UI
  9. Ability to send local format policy changes to the FPR public site #5074
  10. Visualization of transfer contents - #1578, Transfer and SIP creation#File visualization reporting page
  11. Field validation in rights templates - #1519
  12. Hydra (AIP storage / API plugin)
  13. Dspace (DIP upload)
  14. BitCurator integration: how much functionality/data can be integrated/re-used prior to Archivematica ingest. - #1869
  15. Develop ability and end-user documentation to add other identification tools as selections from the drop-down menu in the Ingest tab of the dashboard to base normalization workflows on #5077 #5078
  16. Administrative dashboard interface for system monitoring, including status, restart services, maintenance of backups, tools for restoring, automatic indexing of ElasticSearch index
  17. Status indicator to show current status of transfer/job
  18. Better documentation (working on it! Switching to Sphinx docs by end of September 2014)