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[edit] AD10 Update database

Archivematica UML Activity diagram AD10 Update database

Step Implementation Notes
10.1 Receive descriptive information (UC-3.4) Initial descriptive information was created in AD4, step 4.6.
10.2 Update database (UC-3.4) If further descriptive information is received, open the relevant descriptions in Qubit and add or edit fields as needed.
10.3 confirm database update with data provider (UC-3.4) Data provider can review updates in Qubit by clicking on the main menu > add/edit > recent updates tab and viewing all recent updates for a desired period.
10.4 Back up database updates (UC-2.7)

[edit] AD11 Query database

Archivematica UML Activity diagram AD11 Query database

Step Implementation Notes
11.1 Receive query/report request (UC-3.2, UC-3.3, UC-6.1) From UML diagram: "May be triggered by internal system entities or directly by a Consumer."
11.2 Execute query (UC-3.2, UC-3.3) In Qubit's search box, enter a search query (keyword, field-specific and/or boolean)
11.3 Provide query results (UC-3.2, UC-6.7) Qubit will display query results in response to the query entered in step 11.2.
11.4 Provide report (UC-3.3, UC-6.7)
11.5 Log request and response results (UC-6.7)
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