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If you find a bug in this project or would like to make an enhancement, please be encouraged to contribute a patch by following these instructions.

Commit access

Anyone can contribute code patches to this project. Project collaborators and regular patch contributors will be given access to commit directly to the git code repository.

Contributor's Agreement

In order to accept any patches or code commits, contributors must first sign the Archivematica Contributor's Agreement.


Code Style Guide For Archivematica

This coding convention is adopted from:
authors: Guido van Rossum <guido at>, Barry Warsaw <barry at>

  • Tabs are forbidden.
  • 4 spaces per indent.
  • cammelCase all variables, starting with lower case.
  • Max 79 characters per line.
  • Each import is on it's own line (no comma separated imports)
  • No spaces next to parenthesis '('
  • No space before comma, space after comma.
  • Assignments and comparators are given a single space separator 'x = 1'

File Structure

The file structure in Archivematica will comply with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).
More information on this standard is available at: