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United Kingdom

Contact: Jenny Mitcham, Digital Archivist, Borthwick Institute for Archives, University of York

The UK Archivematica group was established in late 2014 and the first meeting of the group was held in January 2015.

Purpose of group

The UK Archivematica group provides a friendly and informal forum for UK users to discuss Archivematica and share experiences, workflows and use cases. It enables members to get feedback on their own work with Archivematica and benefit from the experience of other users.

Who is it for?

- The group is open to individuals and organisations in the UK who are actively using, exploring or testing Archivematica

- It is also open to representatives from user communities who are not be using Archivematica themselves but who can keep abreast with the group and signpost and promote us and our activities

- Members may come from a variety of backgrounds and job roles - for example, archivists, research data managers, IT staff

- There are no restrictions on the number of members, though individual meetings will have an upper limit for number of attendees


The UK Archivematica group meets 2 or 3 times per year in different locations around the UK.

The venue and format of the meetings will vary but they are intended to be friendly and informal and enable members to see how others are using Archivematica and openly discuss what is and isn’t working well.

Content of a meeting may include:

- Presentations and progress reports from members

- Presentations from international Archivematica users

- Archivematica demonstrations

- Discussion topics

- Updates and Q&A from Artefactual Systems

- Opportunities for informal discussion and networking

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